10% Conversions How Are the Buyers Going to Find You?

10% Conversions How Are the Buyers Going to Find You?

10% Conversions How Are the Buyers Going to Find You? our goal is to be noticed in the search engines for the phrases that we picked out earlier. To do this, we are going to use high traffic / high PR sites that allow users to enter information. For those of you who do not know, that is the basic concept behind the ever-popular bum marketing method.

I like this method a little better though, because I have noticed much quicker results and I do not depend on finicky Ezine Articles. Another plus is that I have much more fun writing reviews than articles.

The two best sites for this method are:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Yahoo! Answers

Other good options are high PR niche forums that would be interested in what you are selling, and even Squidoo (although I have not tried it yet, so you will have to experiment) or other web 2.0 type sites.

Using Craigslist:

Craigslist is tired of being spammed all the time, so they have taken some measures that make things a little harder for posters to get their ad seen – like blocking multiple ads in different cities and allowing users (with nothing better to do) to flag your ads down.

Luckily, I have never had that problem with the ads I post using this method. I think the reason for that is because I do not post a ridiculous number of ads, I post in small to medium sized cities, and I keep my ads in the appropriate category.

Follow these steps and things should go smoothly:

Note: I live in the US, so I have never had to use a proxy to post on CL. If you live elsewhere, I suggest using a US based proxy site to post your ads.

  1. Sign up for a Gmail account. Gmail accounts allow you to place periods anywhere in the user part of your email address and still receive all your mail all in one inbox (example: your regular email is example@gmail.com. You want to post on craigslist with different email addresses, so you enter addresses like ex.ample@gmail.com and exam.ple@gmail.com when posting ads, and all emails will be sent to your one Gmail inbox.)
  2. Pick whatever CL state you want and a medium sized city to post in. Stay away from exceptionally large, tech-savvy cities (New York, San Francisco, etc), because I have heard that ads tend to get flagged down more frequently and much quicker than usual.
  3. You can either sign up for an account or just post your ad and confirm through your email. I prefer to use my account to sell physical items and use Gmail addresses to place ads using this method.
  4. 4. Post your ad in services à small business ads. Staying in this category keeps your ad safe from being removed.
  5. Pick a keyword to use from the list we established earlier. Include that keyword somewhere in the beginning of your ad title. The rest of your title should really command a click. It helps a lot if you can make web surfers feel shocked, curious, hopeful, warm-and-fuzzy, or even a little angry.
  6. Post a truly short ad (just a short paragraph or two), mentioning the keyword just once. Write a short excerpt from your review and direct users to your review blog to read more. Remember that every ad should be different (so that you do not get blocked) so use distinct parts of your review with different ads.
  7. Keep a spreadsheet containing information about all the CL ads you post. Take note of when they expire (so that you can repost them) the text you used, city of posting, etc.
  8. Rinse and repeat!

I have done very well using Craigslist to sell digital items, and I never have to worry about CL getting my affiliate account banned or my domain blocked since I am sending users to blogger’s site. This is a very quick and effortless process – perfect for lazy people!

Using Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a place where you can either have fun or get really irritated by all the stupid answers people are giving. If you have ever been there, you know what I mean – people who have no idea what they are talking about give other people advice or say immature things that might make the asker feel bad.

So, before you use Yahoo! Answers let me give you a little warning: DO NOT waste your time reading other people’s answers.

Focus on the question only!

  1. Sign up for two new Yahoo! Accounts. One male, one female (since, most guys only know about things that interest guys and vice versa.) When you review products in the future, use the correct yahoo account to promote it.
  2. Go to Yahoo! answers and click “get started”. Complete the set-up process.
  3. Go to advanced search and select questions in the keyword section and open answers in the question status section.
  4. Search Yahoo! Answers for words that people in your niche would use. If you are reviewing an expensive conditioner type in split ends or dry hair or conditioner.
  5. Look through the results. Keep an eye out for all questions that you might have an answer for. Open each question in a tabbed browser like Firefox.
  6. Give quick answers to the questions that you cannot figure out how to safely link to, just to up your points and gain more exposure in that niche.
  7. Give answers between 2-3 paragraphs long if you are linking to your review blog as a source. Use your keyword phrase at least once in your answer saying something like: “this _product name_ review says all drugstore conditioners are full of harmful fillers. Enter your URL where appropriate.

As you can see, this method involves a little more work because you must take the time to consider questions and craft answers.

Although it takes a little longer, this method works just a little bit better than the Craigslist method, because it gives you a chance to build your reputation and get long term results. All Yahoo! answers receive views and answers. These will remain in the search engines for a LOOOONG time, unlike CL.

Using Forums:

I recommend using the forum method only when you are promoting a product within a niche you have already monetized with a website or product of your own. Signing up for new forums all the time for each new product you promote is a nuisance.

Another point to mention: Linking to reviews works well in all niches except internet marketing. IM forums tend to be harsh on links within posts (unless it is a well-known, long time forum member). Stick to smaller niches and you will find that practically no one has a problem with your review link if you are posting something helpful along with it.

Search for your niche forum, forums, discussion boards, etc. If you are not marketing in a teeny-tiny, micro-niche market (which you should not be, because you chose a popular product to promote) you should find decent forums on the first page of search results.

Sort through the forums on the first page of Google. Higher ranked websites/forums have decent to good page rank. This helps your (strategically worded) posts appear in the top results.

Register for the forums you do want to use and begin making a few helpful posts and getting familiar with the other members. DO NOT use links in your posts yet. Wait until you have at least twenty posts (which is ridiculously easy to achieve) and have been a member for at least 1 day.

When you are ready to start promoting your review page, remember that people are not stupid. Do not just post your URL without any helpful information. And do not post your URL in the same forum more than twice a day. After a few days to a week of posting your review blog URL, take a break from promoting and visit another forum in your niche.

This is a lot more work than the CL & Yahoo answers method, but it may give you the chance to collaborate or JV with another member (since you have your own product or website in this niche).

I rarely use the forum method for affiliate products, but it works well for “chatty” type people.

Like I mentioned before, this method has the potential to work well with other sites (for example, Squidoo) or even AdWords. I just stick to CL and Yahoo! Answers because it is working for me, and I have experience with these sites. Feel free to experiment and adapt this technique to make it more enjoyable for you.


These steps are simple and will bring in some cash quickly. The best part, however, is that I love the feeling of not wasting my time, energy and bandwidth on visitors who are not ever going to benefit my business.

Do yourself a favor and get started on your reviews today. Start promoting tomorrow and you should see some nice profits in less than a week.

After that, move on to the next product and repeat! Checks will start coming in no time!

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