10% Conversions Using Magic Words to Attract Buyers

10% Conversions Using Magic Words to Attract Buyers

10% Conversions Using Magic Words to Attract Buyers the key to luring buyers to click on your affiliate link is to target certain phrases that almost guarantee a sale. Many people do keyword research for long tail keywords and use them on their website or author articles to submit to other websites.

This involves using a keyword tool to search for highly searched keyword terms, then looking up those terms in the search engines to estimate the number of competitors you have for that phrase. You then must author an article optimized for each of these keywords, then either upload it to your site or submit it to another website. After that you wait, and hope that people will click on your link, like what they see, and finally make a purchase.

While this is an innovative idea, it can be very time consuming – especially if you are a beginner who is just starting out. It takes even longer to see monetary rewards for your challenging work, which can be off putting to many entrepreneurs.

These long tail keywords are also highly likely to be searched for by people who are just looking for free information, not hungry buyers.

That is why we are going to target even better keyword phrases. Here are the phrases to target that will make you money and give you conversion rates of about 10%:

GROUP 1: Use these keyword phrases to promote the basic review.

  • ___ (product name) ___ review
  • ___ (product name) ___ honest review
  • ___(productname)___ review *
  • ___(productname)___ honest review *


GROUP 2: Use these keyword phrases to promote the scam review.

  • ___ (product name) ___ critical review
  • ___ (product name) ___ sucks
  • ___ (product name) ___ scam
  • ___(productname)___ negative review *
  • ___(productname)___ sucks *
  • ___(productname)___ bad scam *


GROUP 3: Use these keyword phrases with a link cloaker or redirect through your affiliate link. If that is not an option, use these phrases to promote the basic review.

  • buy ___ (product name) ___
  • purchase ___ (product name) ___
  • buy ___(productname)___ *
  • purchase ___(productname)___ *


GROUP 4: These keyword phrases only apply if you have a coupon code that affiliates can use. Use a link cloaker or redirect through your affiliate link. Note: These phrases produce much higher conversion rates than 10% – so use them if you can!

  • ___ (product name) ___ discount
  • ___ (product name) ___ coupon code / coupon / promotional code, etc.
  • ___ (product name) ___ sale
  • ___(productname)___ discount *
  • ___(productname)___ coupon code / promotional code, etc. *
  • ___(productname)___ sale *

(* indicates the product name without any space. People search like this more often than you think! Skipping spaces in groups 1 &2 is optional, but because of the nature of groups 3 & 4, I do not recommend skipping those.)

Notice I said we are using these phrases to promote either the basic review or the scam review. That is because each group of phrases will be searched for by certain types of people.

People who search for phrases from GROUP 1 know of the product in question, are not sure if it is right for them, and just want to learn more about it. That is why we try to get them to read our BASIC REVIEW – because it is not too harsh, not too hyped. It gives GROUP 1 exactly what they want to hear and usually pushes them into buying now.

People who search for phrases from GROUP 2 are more likely to be skeptical. They think that at least one person has something bad to say about the product in question and they want to know about all its faults before deciding. We refer to them in our “LOOKS LIKE A SCAM” REVIEW because we start off telling them exactly what they wanted to know – what is wrong with the product. Then we convince them to either forget about buying or teach them how to work around the product’s faults.

People who search for the phrases from GROUP 3 are ready to buy! These phrases are hardly ever searched for by customers and hardly ever optimized by sellers. If you can, link directly through your affiliate link. If that’s not possible, link to your BASIC REVIEW.

People who search for the phrases from GROUP 4 are even hungrier buyers than group 3! However, they are trying to get it as cheap as possible. Sometimes you can help by supplying a coupon code or special link that will allow the customers to receive a discount while still earning commission. Use GROUP 4 phrases only when you can offer a discount. In websites like CJ.com you can easily search for coupon codes to use and sometimes you will receive emails from companies when a sale is about to start.

In the next chapter we will discuss what exactly to do with these “magic” keywords.

10% Conversion Affiliate

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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