10% percent Conversion Selecting Products That Will Make You Money

10% percent Conversion Selecting Products That Will Make You Money

10% percent Conversion Selecting Products That Will Make You Money Choosing the right product has a lot to do with how successful you will be as an affiliate marketer. Some of the most common mistakes I see people making regarding product selection is choosing a garbage product, one with a bad sales page, or one that hardly anyone will be interested in.

You are going to search for an excellent quality product that has had some effective method of promotion. You want a product that at least some people are aware of, not just a superior product that the owner has never bothered to actively promote.

So, look for products that you know are getting some traffic, and buy them to gauge the quality of them. If the product is crap and you know it, ask for a refund, and do not bother to promote it. You will just get hit up with charge backs when all your customers start asking for refunds.

If you really do not want to buy new products to evaluate their quality, promote something (an eBook, health drink, home gym, TV set) that you already own and can become an affiliate for. You should know the pros and cons like the back of your hand, and you will be able to start earning without spending a dime. Just make sure that the product you are promoting is a popular one that has a unique selling point compared to other products in its category.

If you see AdWords ads for that product, you know that someone is making money from that product, and it is getting traffic. If you signed up for a mailing list on a website that gets a lot of traffic and the webmaster sent you a promotional email, you know that many people are aware of it. If you have seen it being discussed on forums or discussion boards and the reviews are mostly favorable, you know you have a winner.

The more popular the product is, the more searches you will get. However, I am sure you are aware by now that choosing a very highly promoted product means competing with a lot of other people.

Remember that just because we are internet marketers does not mean that we cannot promote physical items. Reviewing digital products all the time can get boring. Physical items that small niches go crazy for can make you a ton of money and are more fun to review (example: hair growth minimizers or radionics machines).

However, keep in mind that physical products take longer to review, because you will need to wait for it to be shipped to you, and it is not as quick as just reading an eBook. I suggest you save the physical product reviews for when you have a steady flow of income set and want to expand on the type of products you sell.

Also remember that physical products usually give you smaller commission percentages than digital products. That is why it is preferable to promote high ticket items.

You only want to promote products (both physical and digital) that make you over $15 a sale. Do not waste your time promoting something pays too little. Most of the products we are promoting will be targeting small to medium-sized niches, so you will not get a ton of sales every day. You might as well make the sales that you do get worth your while.

There is, however, one exception to this rule. That exception is the ever popular $7 reports. The reason for this is because the cash is paid immediately into your PayPal account. Time is money, and $7 reports can fill your PayPal account with cash quickly because lots of people buy it on impulse.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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