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Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Hello and welcome! In this specific video, we are going to talk about how to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page in terms of getting more likes and getting more fans.

  • To do this, all you must do is simply go to
  • At the very bottom of the page, we are going to see a link that says “Create Ad.”
  • Click on that link and you are going to see this specific page.

Now, you cannot go directly to the Facebook fan page if you want to go that direction, but you have some more features if you go this direction. At this point, our goal is, now there are many different objectives to why you would want to grow your community. Instead of sending people directly to a landing page or a third-party website, what I recommend you to do is send them directly to your Facebook fan page because at that point, you can simply grow your community; grow your tribe. And if you want to sell something from that point on through posts where you can boost those posts, then that is where you can do it.

So, to get more likes, all you must do is simply:

  • Go here. Choose a page that you want to add more likes to.
  • At this point, you are going to be able to add up to six different images to create more ads in your campaign at no extra cost. As you can see, the recommended size is 600 pixels x 225 pixels. So, you can add up to six if you would like to.
  • I can remove them and click on “Upload Image” to simply find images. I just want to show you something here. I uploaded a page, but it was not the same size as the recommended size. Because of that you can see the sides here are not being used, so you want to make sure that you use the whole image as much as possible. If that is the case, you will need to resize that specific image and you can do that with many different programs.
  • There is one specific program called net or there is another program called if you do not have Photoshop. But all you must do is simply:
  • Click on “Upload Images” to find the image.
  • You can also click on “Find Images.” What this will do, it says here “Use professional images from Shutterstock in your ads at no extra cost.”
  • So, you can select this and find an image that might be available and if you look at all these images that are very, very vibrant, they stand out. What does that tell you? If these are the images that Facebook shows, then that tells you that you need to choose a vibrant image with many assorted colors and things that stand out.
  • If you click on “Browse Library,” you will be able to access a library that contains all your ad images.
  • Now, at this point, what we need to do is simply customize the ad. So, going back to the word document that I created earlier with the information that we wanted to include, we have the title and the text. I would keep this as short as possible.
  • So, I am going to enter both and there we go. I have entered the headline; I have entered the text.
  • If you click on “Advanced Options,” you will see that you can customize this and choose view or app on your page where people will land when they click on your ad. You can choose the timeline, the photos, videos, notes, or events.
  • You can also choose where the ads will display – whether that is the news feed or the right column where the sidebar is where the ads show up. You can see it right now. This right here is the right column which is the right-hand sidebar, and this is what our ad is going to look like. It is going to have the name of the group or the Facebook fan page, our headline, the call-to-action text, and of course, the image.
  • If you click on the “News Feed,” you will be able to see what it will look like in the news feed. If I do not want to show it in the news feed, all I must do is unselect that and it will show only in the right column.
  • Now, moving down a little bit, if we refer to our demographics that we created earlier, so right now in this new path here we have the demographics – so we are aiming for women ages 35 to 54. To the language, which will be English (all), and you can specify more with demographics in terms of Interested in, Relationship Status, and things like that.
  • As we saw here, demographics does not really show us necessarily if they are single or not single. They tell us the educational level, however, is in college or college graduate. So, we can choose “In College” or “College Grad.”
  • From what we see here, they have a college graduation degree or to graduate school. If they have a graduate school, they are, at least, a college graduate.
  • We got more demographics. We can choose majors; choose schools. We can specify it and dig down deeper. We can also choose undergraduate years and workplaces, as well.
  • Interested in – we do not really know the demographics for that, so we are going to simply check on all.
  • Now, you can also add locations where you can add, let us say, United Kingdom. We can add Australia and remember that our main audience is Caucasian so we can try to find places that are Caucasian. Now, that does not limit, we are not limited just to a specific country because there are many Caucasians all over the world. So, you can feel free to add more. You can add New Zealand and more.
  • Now, when it comes to “Interests,” we can say something like we know that we have an idea that this person here is remarkably busy, so they may not have time for dieting; they may not have time for certain things. If you dig down deep, you might be able to find somebody who fits that category.
  • Now, in this case, we are going to leave that blank. We are going to scroll down just a little bit more. Under “Connections,” I like to choose only people that are not connected to your group. In terms of more categories, I tend to leave that blank, as well.

That is, it for now. We are going to discuss Campaign and Budget in a separate video because if we do that in a separate video, then you will be able to understand how to apply that to your other ads, as well. That is all you must do for now and we will move on to the next video.

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