3K Per Month 1 Method

3K Per Month 1 Method

3K Per Month 1 Method – How to Dominate Any Niche from Scratch Quickly

This is a basic overview of the entire system. Read over it to get the basics and refer back to it when you need to. The videos cover each section in more detail.

Business Model = Authority Site +Low Entry Membership

The basic model is to have a main authority site which will contain information about yourself and your products and services.

This will be a place where people can get to know you, they can put a face to the company. I suggest making a video introducing yourself and explaining what the website is about. This will be a platform where you can launch new products from.

The other job of the authority site is to provide a ton of great free content. You want people to really enjoy your website and keep coming back for more. You don’t want it to be just a place where you sell stuff. This is a great way to build a relationship and trust.

The second part of this plan is to create a low-end membership program and get as many people as humanly possible into your membership program.

By creating a membership program that has over the top value and an extremely low price two things will happen:


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