$5 Dollar Treasures

$5 Dollar Treasures

“Get Personal Private Label Rights To The Incredible Package You’re About To Download!”

 That’s Right.  You Not Only Will Learn From The Videos…  But You Can Also Give Away The Free Report…And When People Opt-in To Get It, You Get To Sell The Videos To Them And Keep 100% Of The Profits!  You Get To Put Your Name On This Product As The Creator!

You can get rights to use the free report, the squeeze page, the sales letter, the download page, and you get to sell the product which comes in video format … set it up on your own site with your own autoresponder code… and every time you give away a copy of the free report…you get another chance to earn instant payments by selling the videos!

How? When you give away the free report, if someone purchases the videos, you get paid instantly!

Since you opted in today I’m extending this opportunity to you. This is the only chance you’ll get Personal Private Label Rights on this product ever – and best of all it’s only $27.00 for these rights.

You’ll get the zip files that contain the squeeze page, download page plus the video files and your Private Label Rights license along with everything else.  It’s easy.  Then you just add your autoresponder code on the squeeze page, the add your PayPal button to the sales letter and upload it all to your own server and keep 100% of the profits!

With This Private Label Rights Package You Can…


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