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Affiliate Wiseguy – Driving Web Search Engines What drives search engines are their own indexing programs.

Those indexing programs are fed information from programs which crawl the millions of pages on the web and feedback essential information to the engine. These crawlers are most commonly referred to as ‘Spiders’.

The exact programs and algorithms used by these programs are not disclosed, and vary from search engine to search engine.

But from practice and study, we can determine the most basic, and even some of the more complex, practices employed by the major search engines.

When spiders go crawling the web, they start with the most popular pages. From there, they follow the structure and links from those sites to other pages and websites, indexing the most often occurring words as they go along.

What the spiders deem to be the most important keywords— and for any given subject there can be many—they send back to their database.

There, those keywords and phrases are cataloged, and information is kept to quickly tell the search engine where to find the words and accompanying information again—such as when a user enters those terms or similar terms into a search bar.

Based on a variety of factors, the pages that host the information, or words, that the spiders find are ranked in importance and relevance to a subject, or more accurately, a set of terms; if more than one set of terms appears on a website, the site can be ranked for those terms, giving the possibility to rank well for many related, but different sets of keywords or key phrases.

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