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Becoming the Don of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate WiseguyTraffic for the Cheap Viral marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to generate large amounts of inbounds links (which those search engines love) and traffic to your website.

And the best thing about it is, you can employ viral marketing methods to gain fast, easy traffic for a very small investment— even free!

If you learn how to harness this simple method for utilizing freeware, shareware, and other viral tricks of the trade, you’ll have learned yet another of the Big Dog ways to make big money from the comfort of your beach chair.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viruses are not normally welcomed in either computing or human circles. A virus is an infection—a disease—a thing to be avoided at all costs. Indeed, viruses are to be strictly avoided. But we can learn from the habits of viruses, and make them ways ours to harness motivated web traffic.

At its most basic, viral marketing is nothing more than the spreading of information from one person to another. It is based on the concept that on average, a person will tell three others about a product that they like. So, for every client you please, there are three more potential following behind.

In web circles, this has been applied in a broader sense to include not just word-of mouth campaigning, but actual programs that get passed around and enjoyed; and when those mini-programs link to another, more useful website or product, the viral effect continues on to eventually net the end-goal, which in this case is traffic to your website, and conversion of traffic into sales of featured affiliate products.

Affiliate Wiseguy

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