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Affiliate Wiseguy – Why it works Understanding why freeware and shareware give-aways work will help you as you generate ideas and construct your applications.

What’s most important to understand is this—freebies work because they are interactive and are of value to the customer. It’s different than creating an ad! It has to be something real and useful!

What this means is that you cannot just go about designing an application as yet another wordy advertisement. Applications that are in actuality ads will only hurt your traffic; first because your customer will feel cheated, and secondly because they will be banned by the better download sites, and possibly even result in your website being banned.

Therefore, the golden rule in creating freeware applications is to make them something real and useful, capable of standing on their own.

A few basic tips for creating freeware that will net the desired results are:

KISS—Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don’t go overboard; create a simple application without extending your resources too far. That way if it doesn’t get a lot of attention, you haven’t lost much, and that way you also don’t over-complicate the usefulness for your customers.

Quality—make it something that is well-built and functional, even for its simplicity. Substandard products will either not be used or will be ignored by websites.

 Value—include some element of value for your customer, whatever it might be, so that you give them a real incentive to download your application and use it to get to you!

Regards, Coyalita

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