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Affiliate WiseguyGetting the Freebie Ball Rolling We did tell you earlier in the notation that it is possible to employ this technique with little or no programming knowledge.

To show you how that is possible, we’ll talk about just a couple of options for creating programming cheaply (or for free— even better!) and easily.

The most basic freeware applications we are talking about here are not much more than lists that link to the appropriate target. We’re talking about those quiz-style diagnostic questionnaires that go on for a few frames by clicking ‘next’, and then end at the solution to the problem—you merchant site.

Otherwise, we could be talking about a link-finder or listing agent. You can construct these easily enough with just some creative writing in an HTML editor, some CGI script, and linking via a hidden redirect function to the URL of your choice. You can easily learn enough basics to do this on the web.

Of course, more complex applications might require a little more expertise and programming skill, but if you know where to find that for free, you can still construct a quality product without a degree in programming.

Websites like,, and all offer free programming scripts and codes that can be easily plugged into HTML editors to create applications of a wide variety of sorts. These free source-codes in and of themselves can be a great way to generate freeware application ideas.

In addition to the free and low-cost programming options, there are also programs that can be used in template-fashion to build applications, such as customized toolbars designed to suit the interests of your niche audience.

Again, there are many software applications that can be used for this purpose, like Site Pilot Toolbar Creator and Toolbar Studio. There are even free trial versions of ToolBar Studio and other similar programs available online.

As you can see, with the abundance of programs, free codes and scripts, and simple applications that you can build on your own, there are a multitude of possibilities for even the most technologically impaired affiliate. So yes, even you at home can easily get the freebie ball rolling toward Big Dog profits!

Regards, Coyalita

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