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Becoming the Don of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate WiseguySearch Engine Optimization Remember earlier when we said this?

Search results rely on content and keywords.

Content = Food for search engines/spiders

Quality Content = Good Search Rankings

Well, the Ins and Outs of SEO are not much more complex than that. To that, the only thing we might add is the importance of links:

Search results rely on content and keywords and links

Links plus Content = Food for search engines/spiders

Links plus Quality Content = Good Search Rankings

So, to summarize this chapter before we even get going, if you have good content that your customer is searching for, and you gain some good links back to your content, you will rank well in the search engines, and you will tap into that organic traffic which will result in 90% of the traffic to your website.

As we said when we talked about how search engines work, the entire business is ruled by matching terms to terms—terms on your page to terms visitors are looking for. These, and you probably already know this, are what we refer to as keywords and key phrases.

Now, as you can imagine, not all the words on your page will really matter because no one is out there searching for meaningless words that are everywhere.

What you need to do is figure out which of the words people are searching for in respect to your niche and target a select group of them. These will be the words that you strive to optimize for, the words that hopefully will gain your SERP ranking near enough to the top to get traffic.

Aside from SEO efforts, there is another, more important reason to write content that is useful and relevant. Your customers! Consider this—no one cares if you rank first but have nothing to offer after the click. All that humans care about is whether or not you are serving their needs.

After they find you, if your content is good, they’ll stay and have a look around, and use your site for a while. If it’s nothing more than a pile of keywords stacked one upon another, they’ll just leave for the number two-ranked site that actually has real content.

Therefore, if you understand nothing else from this chapter understand this—the focus of all your SEO efforts must first be above anything else—the quality of your content!

If you do nothing more than put up good, [humanly] digestible content, you’ve already done more than half of what it takes to develop a site that will generate traffic.

Nevertheless, there are other factors that weigh in on your ranking that can be optimized to increase your popularity with search engines. These include both on-site and off-site factors.

Affiliate Wiseguy

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