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Affiliate Wiseguy – Focus is Everything You’ve built your affiliate website and your pages for a reason. A very specific reason—to sell your targeted affiliate product!

What is critical to your success as an affiliate—to barking with the Big Dogs, not just lapping up the trickle—is to stay focused on that central goal, that very specific driving reason for the very existence of your website.

To do that, you need to keep an eye on the prize, to use another cliché. You have to make your information and your product your number one focus; more specifically, the only focus.

All too often, affiliates are drawn by the prospect of easy money from simple to use monetization programs like AdSense or some such program. They’ll fill up their sites with ads to make traffic- based money, and they kill their chances at affiliate success!

In effect what you accomplish when you fill up your conversion website with advertising and peripheral monetization strategies is inviting in all your competitors.

Every ad or link to those posts is one more opportunity for your crowd, which you’ve worked hard to get there, to leave and get consumed by the tangents.

You drive your very own visitors straight into the waiting, wide-open arms of your competition!

Moreover, the inclusion of multiple ads and streams of information is downright confusing. You draw your visitors in with the promise of the information they’ve so desperately sought, and then you take them to a site so muddled with banner ads and links that they can’t tell which one is the piece they’ve come for.

They become distracted and frustrated. And then they leave. They go back to their search bar to find a website that really delivers the goods.

Trust us when we say (and you probably know this just from being a web consumer yourself) that people have had enough of bogus sites that don’t help them. They want a website that is straightforward, to the point, and helps them, rather than hindering them.

They recognize the pretenders within a few seconds of landing on a site, and if you don’t prove yourself to be helpful right away, they’ll move on and not bother to scroll down for your article or product review to find out if it really is there.

How, then, do you create focus on your web pages?

Stay away from advertising, monetization programs, and outward links that don’t lead to your sales pages (at your merchant’s site)

 Only include ads and links that go to your affiliate products (imbedded, naturally, with your affiliate ID so that the sale is credited to you)

Feature your promotional material and one link above the fold of the page so that it is readily available (seen immediately by visitors when they land on your page) keep the focus on the solution your readers seek.

Remember that this focus is about helpful content. This isn’t the place for the hard-sell sales letter. Leave that to your merchant. This is the place for soft-selling; the kind of selling a friend of yours might do by suggesting something that’s worked for him or her.

Stay focused on your goal and focused on the product and solution at hand. By doing so, you’ll help your visitors maintain focus, and move them on to where your real profits lie.

Regards, Coyalita

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