Affiliate Wiseguy

Affiliate Wiseguy

Becoming the Don of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate WiseguyWebsite & Content The obvious choice would be to put that effort into your website and content. You can achieve the same results by simply refreshing the content of your website.

You can add to its archives and additional resources sections (without muddying the primary pages we established before), and still give current information and additional value to your customers and to the search engines.

Not only can you add additional content, but you can test and tweak and change the content you have and test it against past versions.

As you’ll learn, even very small, seemingly insignificant changes can really make a big difference to traffic and conversions. Spend the time you would spend posting on a blog to look for ways that you can tweak or enhance your website.

And don’t forget—you’ve got that master site to build. Instead of devoting time to a minimal-return blog, why not get started on your big catch-all so that you can dominate your niche traffic?

ONLY $17

Affiliate Wiseguy

Regards, Coyalita

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