Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Paid

Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Paid

Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Paid obviously, getting paid for your blog is the single most important aspect of blog flipping, so you really have to be extremely cautious when deciding how you will accept payment for your blog.

There are a few options but it essentially boils down to whether you are willing to accept a straightforward payment via a simple system such as PayPal, or whether you need the additional security provided by using an escrow service and can live with the additional expense of doing so.

At the end of the day, how you choose to accept payment is entirely up to you, but there are a couple of factors which I would recommend you bear in mind when deciding how your site buyers pay you.

Firstly, how much money is involved in the deal and how important is that money to you? If you use a straightforward money transfer system like PayPal, it is undoubtedly going to be cheaper but the level of security that you have is lower. Hence the chances of the payment going bad could be increased.

If you are selling a blog for $100 and the money is neither here nor there, then this might be a risk that you’re willing to take. And of course, PayPal have some built-in security measures, so that you could for example dispute the sale if things went wrong.

Nevertheless, if you use a straightforward service like PayPal (or a similar alternative), you are exposing yourself to a degree of risk.

If on the other hand you use an escrow service, then the deal is guaranteed from both sides of the fence.

The escrow company will take your buyers money and hold it on deposit so that you know the money is available to complete the transaction. They will continue to hold the cash until you have delivered the promised goods, at which point the cash is released to you.

Hence, using an escrow company provides a very high level of security and there are several highly reputable organizations that provide escrow services for online business such as and

Of course, the downside of using organizations like these is that they will charge you a fee to do so. Thus, you have to balance the additional security against the commission you will lose for using an online escrow service.

Whilst whether you choose to accept direct payment or use an escrow service is essentially a choice, my personal rule of thumb is that for 45 anything less than $200, I would usually not use an escrow company, whereas for anything in excess of $700 or so, I most definitely would.

Between these two figures, it is a question of whether you trust your buyer, which often comes down to nothing more scientific than gut feeling. You must also accept that the more regularly you trust your instincts, the more likely it becomes that one day your trust will be misplaced and you will lose money.


You now have all the information that you need to start your own blog flipping business straight away. As you have seen in this report, there is no need to spend a great deal of money in order to get this business launched, nor is it a business that requires any high-level of technical skills or abilities either.

You have seen how easy it is to take an initial market idea and „finesse‟ it down to a niche level where the real profits are to be made. You have learned how to build a targeted keyword list and what to do with the keywords that you uncover during that research process.

Building a WordPress blog should quickly become something that you can almost do in your sleep, and as for populating it with unique content – well, yes, there is work involved, but it is work that is ultimately extremely well rewarded when you sell your blog for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But, allow me to close with a few additional thoughts and reminders.

The amount of money that you can earn by flipping your blog is in direct proportion to the amount of targeted visitors that you send to your site. The traffic generation methods that you have read of in this manual are more than enough to start driving hundreds of visitors to your blog every day but it is still a fact that every additional visitor represents more money in the bank so there is never any such thing as enough traffic.

Once you have generated a few successful blog sales, I would therefore suggest that you consider investing some of the proceeds in software or services (e.g. outsourcing) that will enable you to automate certain aspects of your business or pass the responsibility for them on to others.

For example, social bookmarking is extremely powerful, but to do it properly on a large scale is extremely time-consuming. However, there are software programs available which will quickly pay for themselves many times over because of the additional targeted traffic they will bring to your site.

In effect, no matter what kind of online business you run, you must always re-invest at least a percentage of your business income in making your operation more efficient and therefore more profitable in the future.

And finally, remember that all of this is about selling your blog, and selling something means that you must receive the proceeds.

Do not be tempted to take unnecessary risks and resist the temptation to trust every other online marketer simply because “they‟re the same as you‟!

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