Blog Flipping Secrets Start Creating Your Content

Blog Flipping Secrets Start Creating Your Content

Blog Flipping Secrets Start Creating Your Content the next step is to begin populating your blog with appropriate content materials. You do this by creating articles of a least 500-1,000 words which are constructed around the keyword terms that you discovered earlier.

In order to provide quality and value, as well as enhancing the visitor user-experience as much as possible, you should create unique content articles to post on your blog.

Using unique content materials is important because when you sell your blog, you will obviously sell the contents as well. It is possible that many potential buyers will be put off if you have used content that is downloaded from other sites or created articles based on Private Label Rights materials.

Hence, whilst it involves a degree of work, you have to create articles yourself from scratch if you want to maximize the earnings and therefore the value of your blog.

As suggested earlier, you should have a list of 30 or 40 keyword terms and you need to start writing articles based on each of those keyword phrases.

For the articles that you’re going to add to your blog, make sure that the keyword phrase is included in the title, in the first and last paragraph and perhaps once (or a maximum of twice) somewhere else in the body text.

However, do not be tempted to try to stuff your article with your keyword term too often as this is a red rag to the search engines. Keyword stuffing is far more likely to ruin your chances of achieving high search engine rankings rather than enhancing them, so don’t do it.

When it comes to creating content to your site, you have two options.

Either you can do the work yourself, which is the cheaper but more time-consuming option, or you can outsource the work using a site like This will cost you around $4 per article but could save you a great deal of time especially if you’re not an expert article writer, so it might be worth considering.

In the first week or two, try to add one or two articles to your blog every day. When you do, make certain that you remember to „ping‟ information that there is unique new content on your blog to the major resource sites and directories.

Every time you have published something new, head over to both Pingoat and FeedShark to ping your blog details as between them, 30 these two services cover most of the sites you need to send information to.

Note that there is no mention of monetizing your site as yet, because this is not something you should do from the very beginning.

One of the advantages of pinging information every time new content is added to your blog is that it is one very quick way of bringing your blog to the attention of the search engines, which means that they will add your blog details to their lists.

You definitely do not want to monetize your site before the search engines do this because doing so might suggest that the only reason you are creating this blog is to make money. Whilst this may be true, it is not necessarily something that you want to bring to the attention of Google et al, so you have to be patient.

However, once you have posted a reasonable amount of unique content to your blog – say 10/12 high quality keyword focused articles, you are ready to take to a significant step forward.

Firstly, you are going to monetize your blog, and secondly, you are going to start promoting it so that you can get Google and the other major search engines to start sending targeted visitors to your blog.

Once this starts happening, you will start to see money coming in every day, which is when the ball really starts rolling.

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See Tomorrow: “Monetizing Your Blog”

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