Blog Flipping Secrets Where to Sell Your Site?

Blog Flipping Secrets Where to Sell Your Site?

Blog Flipping Secrets Where to Sell Your Site? there are plenty of places that act as markets for websites, but for most experienced online marketers, the number one is probably Flippa, which used to trade as Sitepoint, which was always the „king‟ in the “sites for sale‟ business.

As Flippa is a continuation of the services provided by Sitepoint, this would be the first place I would consider using to sell your blog.

Depending on how long you have been running it, there are several different categories under which your site can be listed on Flippa so make sure that you list under the most appropriate category:

Whilst there are quite a few other sites that you can use to sell your blog, I would recommend that you always start with Flippa before looking elsewhere because in my opinion (and that of most other experienced marketers), this is the “go to‟ site in blog and website sales.

Another reason for using Flippa is that it is the site to which most serious site buyers turn as well when they are looking to buy an established online business. Hence, if you sell your blog here, you are likely to land the best price for it.

Other sites like Digital Point have a similar „sites for sale‟ section of the forum, but in my experience, the buyers who use Digital Point do not tend to be as serious or as clued up as those who use Flippa, so the prices you are offered for your blog are likely to be lower.

Then you have a site like eBay which many people use to sell sites and blogs, but once again, the prices you are likely to attract through eBay are likely to be a consistent with the „bargain seeking‟ attitude of people who use auction sites.

In addition, there are specialized website brokers like and

I’ll be honest and admit that I have not used any of these companies so I cannot comment on their services or prices, but it will do you no harm to take a look at their websites because if nothing else, you will learn a little more about the mechanics of selling your blog.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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