Building Better Backlinks

Building Better Backlinks

Fiverr Specific Tips

Building Better BacklinksFiverr Specific Tips – You will be hard pressed to find a better, cheaper way to get links than using

Since utilizing the site, I have found a TON of really good providers. But there were also some bad ones. I’ve learned a lot about doing business as a buyer and how to spot the good opportunities for getting dirt cheap links.

What’s awesome about this is that you can tap into some networks and distribution channels people are paying big money for monthly or benefit for software that costs hundreds of dollars, all for $5.

You also have some level of protection. If the service isn’t complete in the specified amount of time you get the $5 credited back to your account if you decide to cancel the order:

If you have a problem with a seller, click on the “Got Problems” link.

You have several options to resolve issues:

Or you can always contact Fiverr customer service.

Ok, so here are some great tips so you can crush it buying links on Fiverr…

• Pay attention to the number of orders the sellers have in their queue. Even if the service has a lot of “thumbs up” and good reviews, it doesn’t mean things haven’t changed and now the provider is backed up:

Shop around before pulling the trigger. Take your time, people are forced to compete with each other on fiverr. Many people will offer the same type of service, just more. Like more links, more comments, etc… for the same amount of money.

• Don’t rely on feedback. Feedback on Fiverr can be manipulated and as I said before, things change. You are protected no matter what, so try taking some chances going with providers with limited feedback.

• Buy newer gigs. I’ve had a lot of success buying newer gigs for services that people just started offering. I think the reason for this is because the seller knows they need positive feedback in order to make more money so they will over deliver when they first start out.

Take into account when the gig was created and when the last feedback was given (if any) some people will start gigs on a whim, then completely forget about them or no longer offer that service. If you have some doubts going in, use the “contact seller” link to send them a quick message:

• Search in quotes. If you’re looking for a specific set of links to be built, i.e. .edu links, profile links, etc… search for the term in quotes:

Don’t buy lists or gigs listing “teach” in the title. You’re looking for people who offer their services, not lists of sites for auto approval, high PR, etc… unless you plan on putting in the work yourself. Make sure you read carefully to make sure what’s being offered is a service and not a list.

Regards, Coyalita

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