Businesses Utilize Chatbots in Quantitative Ways

In other words, the utilization of chatbots is related to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of them rather than quality.

Chat bots are utilized in the following areas:

1- Customer Support – have you ever had a customer roam around your website or your business and looks like they are lost? Sometimes they are only browsing in other times it seems as though they just simply cannot find what they are looking for. Which is a perfect example they need help. Chat bots can contact the customer asking if they could help them find something.

2- Suggest products

Chatbots can also suggest certain products in they come in handy in conversational interface that allows questioning other customers to find out what they were specifically looking for.

3- Offer discounts

Chatbots also can offer discounts were your customers which often reduces friction in their buying.

4- Prevent churn This term means but for one reason or another reducing offers are a good fit for conversational interfaces. Nearby if a customer is about to leave the business or website then the chat box can reduce the amount of the offer thereby still making a sale.

“Chatbots are customized to serve specific industries”

The five top industries that benefit from chat bots are as follows:

  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Finance

Automotive on the other hand automotive companies receive most of their qualifying leads from online channels for example consumers may be watching an advertisement on television on the newest cars a specific dealer. As result other motor companies use chat bots which can answer customers complex questions and increase conversions.

e-Commerce – in e-commerce situations chat bots can set price alerts, order physical goods, buy gifts, reserve services, and track orders.

Travel companies when using chat bots to solve travel related problems book new ventures which are already making money by solving the travel related problems.

Furthermore, they can utilize vacation planning so that travelers can discover the size and experiences I would be interested in. Chat bots can also help plan an itinerary, pick hotels including criteria from kid friendliness to locations thereby making experiences more pleasant.

Reservations utilization with chat bots with the Marriott international is already a growing channel for reservations.

Finance some examples include Capital One’s Eno & Bank of America’s Erica, Well Fargo’s Facebook Messenger bot.

Finance chatbots have numerous use cases, for example:

  • Information service:
  • Investment management:
  • Credit applications:
  • Money transfer:
  • Bill payments:



Chatbots are a great for healthcare automation, for example:

  • Handling healthcare & insurance coverage related inquiries:
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy


  • Reservations & handling menu related questions
  • Menus
  • Promotions
  • Collecting feedback.


Insurance use of Chatbots include:

  • Agent inquiry handling
  • Customer inquiry handling

Media News is one of the few fields where speed is as important as quality. And while bots certainly outmatch us in speed, they are also catching up to us in quality. News organizations in the US and China are already using chatbots to prepare lightning-fast news. (“In-Depth Guide to The Top 37 Chatbot Applications / Use Cases”)

“News delivery: For example, chatbots can be built to deliver only summaries of news and sharing details as users ask about them.” (“In-Depth Guide to The Top 37 Chatbot Applications / Use Cases”) And run surveys to collect public opinion.

Real estate chatbots can be used for: Lead qualification: Qualifying leads take considerable time in B2C businesses that rely on personal contact. (“In-Depth Guide to The Top 37 Chatbot Applications / Use Cases”)

Other products

  • Information services:
    • Provide simple information services like weather
    • “Give context-dependent advice on topics like what to wear, makeup” (“Chatbot – How it Works, Types, Applications, Advantages …”)
    • Productivity: Schedule meetings
  • HR

Initiative-taking notifications allow your chatbot to interact with customers at critical decision points in their customer journey to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. (“In-Depth Guide to The Top 37 Chatbot Applications / Use Cases”)

  • Product related reminders
  • Feature notifications
  • Updates: Chatbot reminders can alert users in a timelier manner.
  • “Billing notifications: Helping resolve billing issues could be critical to your cash flow.” (“In-Depth Guide to The Top 37 Chatbot Applications / Use Cases”)
  • Activation offers

So, there you have it Chatbots are a big source for industry and business-related commerce within our society today. Not only do they allow us some freedom from the same old hubbub that we experienced in the past, but they make our lives more profitable and helpful at succeeding in our endeavors.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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