IM Business Models the Information Product Business

Chapter 1: IM Business Models the Information Product Business

A digital product is any product that you do not hold in your hands and that can be saved on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

“An information product meanwhile is a product that revolves around providing information.” (“Proving we all have genius.”) That means something like a book, a podcast, or a course.

So, a digital informational product is something that ticks both these boxes… much like this very eBook! (“The Information Product Business”) This eBook is informational because you are learning from it, and it is digital because it only exists on a file on your hard drive.

Creating and selling a digital product just so happens to be one of the most popular and most effective business models that there is. The reason for this is that it offers incredible ROI and is highly versatile. (“Proving we all have genius.”)

When you create and sell a digital product, you are providing value in the form of the information contained therein. This is what allows you to charge money for your product and it is what makes it desirable for your audience. (“The Information Product Business”)

At the same time though, a digital product has extraordinarily little overhead. There may be some initial investment involved in the creation of your product as you will need to outsource the process or pay someone to create it for you but after that, you will then be able to sell as many copies as you like without it costing you a single thing. There is no cost associated with storage, there is no delivery and there are no materials. (“Proving we all have genius.”)

In business, this is known as ‘COGS’ or ‘Cost of Goods Sold.’ (“Proving we all have genius.”)

“With a high value and no overheads then, a digital product can provide almost 100% profit on each sale.” (“The Information Product Business”) What is more, is that it is incredibly versatile and simple to create and sell. You do not need to contact a manufacturing contractor, or find seed money, or learn to code… If you understand how to write into a Word processor, this option is available for everyone. (“Proving we all have genius.”)

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