Email Copy That Sells Congratulations On Your First Step

Congratulations On Your First Step to Crafting Compelling Email Copy!

Congratulations On Your First Step to Crafting Compelling Email Copy! I am excited to bring you this special report where I will be sharing some of my most valuable secrets and tricks about email copy.

I commend you for taking this step in growing your business. Email marketing has surely given me success and freedom and I hope for the same for you. (“The Power of Email Marketing 2020 | Udemy”)

This guide is purely dedicated to crafting and authoring email copy that attracts and motivates your subscribers to open your emails and get them to act. That is what we want in the end, right? (“Email Copy That Sells – PLR Mines”)

Just a little bit of background about me so you know who you are dealing with here J. I have been marketing online since 2006, and copywriting was the first skill I learned. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

I need to state that I am not a professional copywriter, nor do I claim to be one. I do not do copywriting full-time, but I use it in all my marketing efforts such as writing sales letters, email copy, social media, ads, and so on. (“Tiny List Guru Cash PLR eBook and Videos | Private Label …”)

I have read dozens of copywriting books but just like with anything else, you must act on the material. Being practical beats knowing theory. You will learn the most when you put things into practice. You cannot learn this stuff in school.

Copywriting is a way of using words to promote a person, business, or an idea. Certain words can change the way people feel. As Michel Fortin (a top copywriter) says, “Copywriting is salesmanship in print.” (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Copywriting is an art. It is a skill. “If you know how to use the power of words effectively, then you can easily turn prospects into sales.” (“Email Copy That Sells – PLR Mines”)

After many years of marketing online, I have authored this special report on my take on email copywriting.

I know you will gain vast knowledge on email copywriting, and I am confident you will get even greater results by implementing what is shared in this report.

A short disclaimer before I move on: The information I share in this report is based on my experience and what has worked for me. Use this as a guide but incorporate your mix into your own copy. Simply put, use it as a reference to make it easier for you to author compelling email copy! So, without further ado, let us start…

Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Injecting “Power Words” & Phrases”


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