Creating A Referral Engine


Building a consistent flow of leads without
spending one dime on advertising

Design and Operate a Referral System This is part one of a two part lesson – first is Design the System – next is Operate the System. For most, referrals happen accidentally as a result of doing good work or being in the right place at the right time.

What if those valuable referrals could happen intentionally, as a result of doing work and putting yourself in the right place, with the right source, always at the right time?

Marketing is the most important system in any business and referral generation is simply one component of the lead generation cog, and as such, needs it’s own documented system as well.

I could write an entire book on this subject, oh wait, I did write an entire book on this subject, and for my money, here are the referral generation system parts that must go into your design.

• Become more referable – before you pass go you must analyze every way that your business interacts with customers and prospects – marketing related or not – and inject positive, brand supporting elements into the each interaction – many referrals are lost because shipping or finance roughed up the relationship.


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