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Back Link Factory – If you don’t know me yet, my name is Michael S Brown. I’ve built my business and my success online by practicing and studying various techniques to earn an everlasting online income. I run several successful websites and have written several phenomenally successful e-books. This technique is one that has helped catapult many of my sites into the successful range. My success is your success!

One of the most important aspects of making any money online is getting enough targeted traffic. You’ll notice this project is rich with details and proof. As with all my projects, e-books, videos I do a couple of months of studying the technique and honing it to make sure it works before bringing them to you.

Before I wrote this E-book, I tested this method out in January of 2008. I wrote 5 articles on 3 different subjects. This would be the foundation for the beginning of my case study. I wanted to release the articles using my technique and let them sit for 60
days and see exactly what happens and what kind of benefits I could reap from this.

The results were staggering and speak for themselves. The number of back links and traffic I landed to my website would leave me with my mouth open, literally. These 5 articles would land me 522 back links.

Best of all nearly every back link landed counts. I’ll explain why later on in this e-book. So, after testing and landing some great results I then decided to do this again using just 1 article on a brand new website and see how my results would be. To pull this off in a timely fashion and have this project released to the public in a timely fashion I had to release this article on January 20th. As you’ll note this was about 40 days before I would
conclude my original case study.

My hope was to take this one article and show you the power this method holds. My hopes would ring true and I am going to show you exactly what I did but first I want to share the results of that 1 article. Keep in mind the only source of traffic was from one article.

All screen shots and results are taken from my own stats and website etc.

As you’ll notice from the screen shot, this article was republished 86 times and viewed 19 times on content feeds. You’ll also notice the views are at 58. Keep in mind these 58
views are only from this particular article site alone not the entire internet. So basically, when you are using this technique, simply ignore the views and focus on the republished
and content feeds as this is where your traffic will come from.

The next couple pages will just show you the proof of actual back links. If you’ll notice they are all article sites. All but 2 links anyway. Not bad, a couple of hours of work and waiting 40 days, if I do say so myself.

Ok, now those are all 81/86 links. That’s a fairly good index ratio. So, what does this mean? This means that out of the 86 times this one article was republished, 81 of the links have been indexed and counted by Google! The other 5 may still be indexed, but even if it’s not, that ratio is phenomenal.

Now grab a glass of your favorite beverage and focus on the rest of this e-book. You’re about to learn a technique that is going to help build the traffic you’ve always wanted. You are also about to learn exactly how I did this step by step.