How to Get A Surge of New, High- Paying Coaching Clients Today and Everday!

GET CLIENTS TODAY – 326 New Paying Clients in Two Weeks I was inspired to write this book by one of my students, who was able to get 326 new paying clients in two weeks using the strategies and techniques that took me over a decade to develop.

What took me years and years of struggle, study, innovation, testing, and trial and error to figure out, I’ve been able to share with others to help them get astronomical results much faster and easier than I ever did.

It took me four years to finally become a six-figure coach. However, with the first five coaches that hired me to coach them were able to grow their business to over $100,000 a year within eighteen months. And one of them did it within 72 days.

Since then I’ve helped tens of thousands of coaches get clients and generate a great living doing what they love.

I’m glad you’re here and that you’ve decided to read this book.

Here’s some of what’s in this book that will help you get clients and share your blessing with the world…

➡ A simple 3-step process for getting clients

➡ The 3 critical success factors for having amazing financial
success in your coaching business

➡ Marketing secrets to get clients faster and easier than ever

➡ The “Client Surge” process

➡ 5 ways to get a rush of new clients within 7 days

➡ Tips on how to speak the language that attracts clients

… If you wanted to, you could actually take action on just a few ideas from this book and get clients within the next 24 hours.

I’ll also share with you some of the Free Session Formula that comes from my program “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System.”

A lot of the ideas in this book actually come out of that program. I’ve jammed this book full with one great idea after  another for getting clients.

And of course I’ll share the story of my student, Diane, who got 326 new paying clients in two weeks.

Thanks for being a coach and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.

I hope this book helps. Remember, people need our help. Let’s get people coached!

Your Friend & Coach,
Christian Mickelsen
What’s Included…

The Most Powerful Force for Change on Earth

The Three Critical Success Factors for Financial Prosperity

Why We Coach (The Real Reasons)

The Simple Three-Step Process for Getting Coaching Clients

How I Cracked the Code

Make Them Want You

Five Ways to Create a “Client Surge” On Demand

Bonus: Create a “Client Surge” From Social Deals Sites

Adding $100,000 in New Clients is Easy

How-to Sign-Up Clients on the Spot

Hot Secret For Signing Up Clients…

Guarantee Your Coaching…

Your Next Steps

How To Speak The Language of Clients



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