How To Write 10 Quality Articles and Get 1000’s of Visitors for Years to Come!

How To Write 10 Quality Articles and Get 1000’s of Visitors for Years to Come! – To be honest, many people say – the more, the merrier. And as much as this can work, it is this constant writing you have to do, and soon you are going to burn out. Writing the same article 3 times is simply boring! Right?

So, what can you do? Why not write 10 high quality articles on the topic your niche audience would be interested in and post it ONLY on good content – HIGH traffic – sites!

In this example, we are going to assume your free offer you are using to get people to subscribe to your email list, is in Fast Weight Loss niche, and the offer is called “7 Day Free Diet Plan To Lose 5 Pounds”.

Now please understand, this will require a little work but if done right, you can easily expect 200 daily visitors to your site! At the minimum! And you can easily expect 350-750 daily!

Here is the outline of the work:

Think of 10 different topics your audience would be interested in, such as:

Faster Metabolism
Stomach Exercises
Free Exercise Plan
Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

Make sure you come up with 10 different topics within your niche.

Now you need to research a separate keyword phrase for 10 articles, and make sure your keywords have at least 30-50 daily searches! Good example right now is “faster metabolism”:

Make sure each keyword has less than 50,000 competition results, you check for them by entering the keywords in quotes, such as “faster metabolism” – the quotes just show you how many competitors are optimizing their articles and posts for these keyword phrases.

Once you are done with this task you need to actually write the articles. NOW, you have to remember we are going after quality content here! So, if you are writing on faster metabolism, you give people the real details, real content, not just some fluff.

In your article, you need to give full details and lots of useful data!


Full Lifestyle Plan to Faster Metabolism:

Intro paragraph. What is metabolism and how to increase it:  here you give an overview of metabolism, tell them you are going to include list of foods to eat, example of exercise plan, big yes`es, and big no’s!

List of foods

Importance of exercise and metabolism

Yes’es with speeding up metabolism

No’s with speeding up metabolism

Your final paragraph leads them to the free weight loss plan!  Saying something like, so far, you have been introduced to many paid weight loss plans, but now comes the time when you don’t have to pay for a plan to actually make your metabolism faster and drop the extra weight. The
has a detailed 7-day plan that will help you lose 5 pounds in the next week, without starving yourself! And the best part of it all is, that the 7-day plan can be repeated over and over again!

So, we established the quality of the content. Now, when you are done with your first article, don’t edit it right away. Come back to it later. Just move on to the next article. Your goal is to write 10 quality articles over the next 2 days. So have 5 of them written per day.

Do the basic on-page optimization for your main keywords, such as “faster metabolism”, make sure you have keyword density of 1-3%. 1% will do just fine! The off-page optimization is a lot more important!

Find 10 sites that will accept your content for free (it is often called a guest post), allowing you to have your own link back to your squeeze page.

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