Selling Online Secrets e-Report

Selling Online Secrets e-Report

By Patric Chan

In this e-Report, I will be revealing to you the secrets and
strategies that you can use to profit from the internet.

I will be explaining the correct ways to make money online as
simply as possible so that you can understand them right away.

It would not be possible for me to share everything in an e-Report. This is a CONDENSED and IFO JAM-PACKED e-Report.

I love to use the internet to make money because it’s relatively
low cost and secondly, it gives me a lot of leverage.

There are only 5 things you really need to concentrate on to have a successful online business and yet, thousands of people do it wrong because they don’t understand the fundamentals of how to make money online.

Here are the 5 things ….

1. Creating the correct webpage

If you read carefully, I don’t say, “creating the correct website” but “creating the correct webpage”. The idea here is to create a webpage not a website, if you want to get results and make money faster.

2. Attracting traffic

Let me be honest. There are hundreds of ways to attract traffic. But there are only 5 ways that I have personally used to successfully get free traffic. What you want is targeted traffic, not ‘useless’ traffic. Targeted traffic is traffic where the visitors come to you, not being ‘force’ to visit your webpage.

Here are 5 ways I have used to attract free traffic:

1. Search Engine

2. Writing And Submitting Articles

3. Create a viral marketing campaign

4. Posting in Forums

5.Approaching Joint-Venture partners.

Paid Traffic

3. Converting the traffic into sales

So, you have attracted traffic to your website from the strategies
I’ve given it to you just now.

Well done! You have passed the first challenge. Ok, in this
chapter of converting traffic to sales, the strategies I’m referring to pertain to selling your own product, not selling affiliates’

Traffic alone won’t make you any money. You need to convert
the traffic into sales.
Sales = money.

4. Back-end selling

Ok, now you have attracted traffic, captured leads and sold some stuff. You made some money. Hoooorrraaayy! 🙂

The most important part is your back-end selling. That means you sell again to the same customers. It’s much easier to sell to customers who have purchased from you before rather than to sell to those who have yet to purchase anything from you.

The reason is your previous customers have trust in you. You have built a relationship with them…..

5. Automating the system

Everything’s done. But you are not free. You must run the
online business. What you want to do is automate the business
as much as possible so that you can work less. It’s hardly
possible to stop working 100%. If you can work 2-4 hours a day,
That’s a great achievement!

Compared to those who must work 8 hours a day, you’re doing great! And also, you get to pick your own working hours. 🙂
There are a few tasks in your online business that you can

1. Your Payment Collection

2. Email

3. Affiliate System

This is just an Example of what is included in this Report.

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Regards, Coyalita