Easy Cash Blueprint Create a Second Offer

Easy Cash Blueprint Create a Second Offer for Bigger Profits!

Easy Cash Blueprint Create a Second Offer for Bigger Profits! Here is a good way to boost profits by 30% or more. All you do is sell another product to the person who just bought a product from you on the thank you page.

This is a simple upsell that I’m sure you have seen a hundred times before.

So, they order product A, and on the thank you page, you sell them product B.

Products A and B should be related of course.

To make it ultra-powerful, call the second offer a One-Time offer and tell the customer that they will only see the sales page for product B this one time, and they will never get a chance to buy the product again.

The scarcity and limited time factors work wonders in marketing. People equate value to things that are rare or scarce or limited. And if your product is only available that one time, it will increase orders.

Again, you have seen this One-Time-Offer deal before if you have anything to do with the Internet marketing market. Same concept, just use it with these PLR product ideas, it works like a charm (and works better in markets outside of Internet marketing because it isn’t so ridiculously common)!

This will also allow you to spend more of your profits on advertising. You can even spend all the money you make on Product A on advertising because you will make all of your profits from product B sales.

This makes getting traffic a whole lot easier…

If you don’t have to make any money up front on your ads because you know you will convert 20+ percent of those customers into second offer buyers, then generating tons of traffic to your site is incredibly simple!

This is what you are striving for!

You can create the second report/offer the same way you created the first, with PLR!

Something else that I have used on these sales letters is video…

You simply create a video of the actual product itself.

By video I mean a screen capture video using a program like www.camtasia.com. You use it like a “Here is what you can have in minutes” idea. You call it a “tour of our product”.

It is very simple to do and hasn’t failed yet to increase sales, it works every time!

I’ll give you a quick outline of how this can be done.

1) Start up the screen cam software and welcome the viewer to the product tour video.

2) Login to your members area where the product will be downloaded. (If you don’t have a member’s area and are just emailing a .PDF file to your customers to deliver your product, then just open up the file..)

3) Show the download page, discuss the bonuses, etc… Talk about everything they receive when they order and show them in the download page.

4) Show them the chapters in the book while reading some of it. This is a big part, it shows the viewer that the product is real, shows how it is presented, and they get a quick taste of exactly what is inside.

5) Thank the viewer for watching the video and remind them that they can have this within minutes from now.

Also, if you have an affiliate program, you could give them a quick glance at that and tell them they could recoup their investment by just referring 2 friends (or whatever, this is a simple way to make your product seem risk free! )..

One last tip, it is a good idea to have some links to some unadvertised bonuses in the download area as well. Make sure to show them that and to say something like “Here are some secret bonuses that I didn’t mention on the product site”.

Once you have the video completed and uploaded to your server, you need to link to it on the sales page.

I have been testing this and have found that the best place is right after you list the product benefits- Before the price and guarantee.

You could also build your list with this. I haven’t tried it but I’m sure that you could say:

“Subscribe today and receive a video tour of XYZ product free!”

That would get some interest.

This tactic works well, so do it every chance you get 😉

Something else you can do with this video is to submit it to the video directories like Youtube.com and Google video.

Make sure to link back to your site in the description area to generate traffic back to your site.

This can be a quick and easy traffic generator. Search engines love video and if you do this idea, you will have one to submit to the video web sites. It’s quick and easy, give it a shot!

Easy Cash Blueprint

Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Step 3 Send Traffic to Your Site and Profit”


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