Easy Cash Blueprint Naming Products/Buying Domains

Easy Cash Blueprint Naming Products/Buying Domains

Easy Cash Blueprint Naming Products/Buying Domains the first thing you are going to change is the title. Just think up something clever, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

There is a simple trick that you can use to name your products (and use it when you buy domain names) to make it not only easy to remember, but also stick with people and make you somewhat unique.

It is actually a branding technique that big companies use to create a more memorable brand for their products/business.

The trick is simple, start each word with the same letter.

For an example, how about the donut chain Krispy Kreme.

While we are on donuts, how about Duncan Donuts. (now I’m hungry)

It kind of makes it roll off the tongue better, and of course, easier to remember.

Another trick that helps with branding is to make your product name rhyme with itself.

Use these two ideas when naming products and buying domains as much as possible.

Also, make sure to appeal to human psychology. Use words like:

– Secrets

– Breakthrough

– System

– Undercover

People love to think they are getting knowledge that nobody else is, so just naming your product something like: Hollywood Makeup Secrets Revealed or Breakthrough Bass Fishing Secrets etc…

Just doing ideas like that can help increase sales.

Next thing you want to edit is the actual book itself. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write anything.

Just skim through it and remove all the fluff and filler. The more products I sell online, the more I realize that people are sick of long lengthy eBooks that are filled with crap.

Just cut your PLR products down to the meat – the reason why the customer paid for the book.

You’re not going to be selling these products for a ton of money, so you don’t need to have filler in it to try and increase the value.

Most PLR eBooks that you get will be in the 40–80-page range. After I get done cutting the filler out of most books, I am left with about 20-30 pages of pure meat, which is simply fine. Your customers will thank you for that.

Remember, you are looking for the best information from all of your PLR sources. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 5 PLR eBooks/reports, get the best information from all of them and turn them into one hot report.

Also remember that you can do volumes. For instance, Let’s say you found a ton of PLR stuff with lots of good information for one market.

Create Volume 1 and sell it, then a few weeks later, release your Volume 2 to the same people who were interested in Volume 1. Depending on how much valuable information you have, this could go on for quite a while, making you tons of easy money!

Another idea you may want to consider is to create product packages.

If you have been online in the Internet marketing industry for any length of time, you will have seen where people take like 10 products and bundle them into one package, and sell it for cheap…

Although this is common in the Internet marketing market, it is rarely seen in other markets and works very well.

Now you don’t have to bundle 10 products, just 2 or 3 would make your offer more powerful…

Whichever you decide, the point is to make it stand out from the rest a little bit.

– Change the title

– Cut the fat

– Package it with other PLR products of the same topic

– Combine

– etc.

The point is none of this takes a lot of time. You don’t have to write any new content.

Well ok, you may have to come up with new chapter names or write some “connector” paragraphs, but nothing major I assure you.

If you were to write a 100-page eBook, it might take you days, or weeks. But to edit one will just take a few hours if you are SLOW.

You don’t have to spend too much time on this. Just reading (skimming) the PLR book will tell you if it’s worth selling. If it is, quickly make the changes- or cut out the best information and paste it in a new file, then move on to the next PLR book and do the same.

Somebody else has already spent the time editing these books once, so you just need to get in and modify the main things and be done with it.

And then, use something like http://www.pdf995.com/ to turn it into a PDF file and you’re done.




A private label is incredible for those who know how to take advantage of it- and you are now one of those people!

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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