Easy Cash Blueprint Step 2 Create Your Sales Site

Easy Cash Blueprint Step 2 Create Your Sales Site

Easy Cash Blueprint Step 2 Create Your Sales Site Now that you have a new unique “best of” product, you need a site to sell it on.

All you really need is a 2-page site, one sales letter and one order form.

A good thing about PLR eBooks is that most come with sales letters.

Now, these aren’t the best sales letters on the planet– Although, they aren’t the worst either. They are usually written by a professional copywriter, but usually a cheap copywriter- But they are certainly useable. Heck, sometimes

I put these sales letters up unedited, and they convert at 4-5%, so you may be surprised.

All you really need to make money online is an average sales ratio, which is 1-2%. Which means 1 to 2 people will buy out of every 100 visitors who see the sales page.

To put it one way, marketing is a numbers game, and these numbers are the most important…How much traffic you are getting, and how much of that traffic is buying. All of the other crap you read is just another way to make making money online more complicated than it has to be.

So just focus on these two things- getting traffic and converting it into sales.

So, what do you do with the sales letter that came with your PLR eBook? Make it unique of course.

If you only edited one eBook into a “best of” report, then you just need to edit the one sales letter that came with it. But if you used multiple sources to come up with your report, then making a “best of” sales letter will work.

First, delete all the graphics.

You changed the name of the product already, and the graphics on the sales letter most likely have the original name of the product all over them, so they are now useless.

Actually, the header graphic was already useless. Header graphics decrease sales!

You don’t need fancy graphics to make a sales page convert, they just look good…

The only graphic that I use is a software box style cover that I create. If you cannot create graphics like me, then I suggest using a software program to do them for you.

Next, change the headline and all sub-headlines to the color red. Red sells better than any other color.

And then, read it.

Read the entire letter (or letters) and put yourself in the customers shoes. Edit what you like or don’t like.

That’s it really, you’re done. I don’t edit them too much because it is a waste of time. The reason is because you don’t know if they are going to sell well the way they are, you have to try it and see.

So, I do the little editing that I just mentioned, then put it online and start driving traffic to it to see how well it does.

Sometimes it’ll bring in an average sales ratio, sometimes bigger, and sometimes it’ll be a flop. Those are the only things that can happen, and you shouldn’t be bothered by any of them.

If it flops, it’s time to modify the copy some, starting with the headline. Also be sure to do a search on google.com to see what your competition is doing. I don’t suggest taking any of their copy, but getting ideas from them ain’t a bad idea.

So, when you have a PLR product that flops, go around and see how other successful sales letters are written and get some ideas.

There is also pricing to consider.

As I said before, these reports will be short after you edit them, 20-30 pages or so. So, your prices will be low.

Here are some good price points that work well.

– 7

– 9.97

– 14

– 17

– 19

– 24

– 27

– 34

– 37

I usually sell these products from 7-27 dollars. That seems to be a good range for the optimum amount of money per visitor.

Don’t be afraid of the low-price points either. $7 per sale may not seem like much but you have to remember that you will also have backend products and affiliate programs which you will sell to those customers, and those people will also be added to your customer list.

Plus, low price points will usually generate much higher sales ratios which is a good way to lead people into your sales funnel.

Okay, so far, you have not invested that much time or money.

Actually, by this time, you have barely done any work at all and yet you have a product and sales letter ready to go.

Upload it to your web site and start sending traffic to it.

Do you need a domain name for it? Nope, not yet at least.

Upload it to a domain name that you already own. For instance, if you own www.yoursite.com.

Then create: www.yoursite.com/booktitle

If it sells without its own domain name, it will sell with one. This way, if it flops and you can’t get it selling, you can just trash the idea and move on without having lost out on a domain name.

And believe me, don’t be afraid to ditch the idea if it is becoming more work then it is worth. Sometimes these products just aren’t going to sell the way you have the sales letter and product set up.

They would need a complete redo to start selling well, and with all of the different PLR products out there, it is just easier and a lot less work to ditch the loser and go find a winner.

But don’t ditch the content. If it is good content and you came up with a killer “best of” report, then you can use it for a whole host of other ideas.

Like giving it away for free to build a list or promote an affiliate program.

I have setup plenty of these PLR sites using the exact same ideas above and some just won’t sell. I will modify some and if it still doesn’t sell, screw it- NEXT!

It also doesn’t matter if things are perfect. So many people are sitting there, working on a project for months trying to get everything perfect…huh?? Just launch it already, nothing is perfect!

Do it fast and get it out there to sell.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Create A Second Offer for Bigger Profits!”


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