Easy List Builders Life Doesn’t Need to Be a Struggle!

Easy List Builders Life Doesn’t Need to Be a Struggle!

Easy List Builders Life Doesn’t Need to Be a Struggle! I am not an enthusiastic fan of writing newsletters, and I am sure that most people will agree with me that having to write content for a newsletter every week is an absolute pain.

The simple fact is – You must have content for your newsletter that is interesting for the niche that you are targeting, and that content needs to make you money or ‘Why Waste Your Time and Effort?’

So how does someone who hates writing, or can’t think of what to write, or doesn’t have the time to write, maintain a list and make money in such an easy manner?

Consider this:

You love dogs, so you decide to start a dog newsletter because you know a lot about dogs and will be able to prepare a lot of content for a dog newsletter.

You begin your newsletter, and to start with, there are only a few people on that newsletter list who you write to each week.

You might be able to sell them a thing or two from the affiliate links that you have in your newsletter, but it won’t be a lot initially because you can’t build your list while you are busy preparing content.

You start off strong, writing like a maniac, but then it dawns on you!!!!

You prefer to be outside in the park walking your dog and meeting new people.

You would rather be sitting down in the park with your dog having a picnic.

You would rather be throwing the ball for your dog to fetch.

You think – “This newsletter-writing lark is not all its cut out to be”

In fact – You hate writing those newsletters almost as much as you dislike being stuck in rush hour traffic wasting your life away when you could be doing more exciting things with your life.

So, you start to slack off with the newsletters and write less and less, and all the while you haven’t been getting quite so many subscribers because you have been wasting so much time writing to the few that you managed to capture when
you first started.

And to make matters worse, some idiot like me is telling you that you need many newsletters in many different niches to make so much more money than you could have ever dreamed of.

“Wait up” you say – I only have 24 hours in the day and I need to spend some of that time looking at the back of my eyelids or I will go insane.

There must be an easier way!

Well, there is an easier way.

In fact, there are several easier ways, and I am going to tell you what they are.

One requires a lot of work – but it can be done in one burst and won’t cost you any money.

One requires a little bit of work – but it can be done in one burst and will cost you a little bit of money…and…

One requires almost no work at all and will cost you almost no money at all – well a few dollars, but Hey – Miss a couple of coffee’s and you’ll be sweet.

So, what are these solutions to create a massive multiplication of your income and financial security so you can finally get away from that 9-5 job and the rush hour traffic that is eating away at your most valuable possession in life?

(That possession being ‘TIME’)

Here they are – Three roads to financial freedom…

You can sit down and write enough newsletters to last for a year, after finding suitable affiliate promotions that will help you to monetize the list.

You will of course have to write content in a manner that will ensure you have a chance to make money from that list and retain those people who have opted in to your newsletter.

You can use PLR content that you might have purchased and rework it into suitable newsletters, once again ensuring that it is written and formatted in such a manner that you will be able to make money from the list.

Ordinary unchanged PLR Articles are unlikely to convert as well as targeted content that ‘has a purpose’ and is related to the affiliate income sources you are recommending.

The idea again is to create all the content from one dedicated action plan so you can upload it to your autoresponder and move on to the next project knowing that the list will start making money for the next year or so until you ‘reload’ it with more content for the year after…or…

You can buy some already created and formatted content that you know your readers will be interested in and you know is ‘designed to sell’ and set and forget that project and move on to the next project with very little effort at all.

All the work is already done for you.

So, there you have it.

The approach to take with Niche Emails is to create or buy all the content at one time, then get that business model up and running as fast as possible before moving on to the next project.

OK – I know you need more information on how to get started so I will give you the resources, so you can follow the method that you feel most comfortable with based on your expertise and financial situation.

To create your own content, you just need to start writing and that needs to happen NOW – as every day you delay getting started you are leaving money on the table.

Time is always of the essence.

You will need an autoresponder service and the best in the business in my opinion, and that of most marketers is AWeber

To assist you in preparing your newsletter, provided you have a little money to invest you just cannot beat Lisa Prestons Product

To use PLR content there are so many different places selling PLR Content that a full list of them would probably double the size of this report.

I maintain a list on the Warrior Forum from information given to me by people who visit that site.

You can find that list by clicking here

It is certainly not a full list but there are many sites to choose from there.

Be very careful when buying your PLR Content as I have hundreds of articles that are only suitable for filler content, having been written by people who don’t have English as their first language.

This type of content isn’t really suitable for Newsletters.

You should be personalizing the content so that it appears to have been written by you.

Once again Lisa’s Niche Emails will help you prepare better newsletters and is a good investment.

This is High Quality Content that is also very cheap to buy and is the fastest and easiest way to get started.

Suddenly newsletter management has become a whole lot easier ☺

Easy List Builders

Regards, Coyalita

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