Easy List Builders You Are Building a Business

Easy List Builders You Are Building a Business

Easy List Builders You Are Building a Business By building a list you are building a business, and businesses are the only way to make money.

Anything else is simply a temporary income stream that can be eliminated in a flash by anyone you rely on to receive it.

That ‘anyone’ can be search engine traffic, money for pay-per-click advertising, AdSense income and so on.

Most sources of income on the Internet OTHER THAN LIST INCOME should be regarded as temporary and at best, fragile foundations to rely on for sustained cash.

I certainly wouldn’t like to have mortgage payments relying on many of the sources of income that most people consider Internet Income.

I have woken up to an AdSense account that has disappeared overnight.

I have had a top ranked search engine term making massive income lose rank overnight with a corresponding drop in income.

I have also had a new list of less than 500 people bring me in $2500 in the first two weeks of sending out messages and promotions.

I have also got lists that I don’t do anything with for months on end that consistently make money, and those lists were built using ‘what many people consider a disposable resource – Blogger.com’

I have got lists that were built overnight from Videos on sites like YouTube where the videos are no longer popular but the income is still coming in from the list.

But this is not about me – It’s about getting you started on a road that gets straighter and straighter, smoother and smoother and changes from an initial steep incline to a gentle downhill gradient where your money machine will continue to build up momentum and you can enjoy the scenery of life rather than
the inside of an office or factory for most of your waking hours.

Why Stop at Seven?

You’ve probably heard people talk about the fact that it usually takes 7 interactions with your customer before they will be willing to trust and buy from you.

Whether this number is correct or not is irrelevant, but the simple fact is you will need to contact your visitors a number of times before the majority of them will buy.

This time will be determined by the content you are supplying them, the copywriting you are using and other factors such as their ‘desperation’ to get the information, the problem that they need solved and so on.

One thing is for certain though – once you get that first sale you are more likely to get more sales because that person has just become a ‘buyer’ rather than a looker on your list.

So, what I am trying to emphasize here is….

Don’t stop at 7 ‘communications’ if that’s all it takes to sell – Contact them again and again to see what else they need and what you can do for them to get them to spend more money.

Many people I see set up an autoresponder series that runs for a short while and then stops.

Do it right the first time and get everyone set up for a whole year.

You can change and tweak the content and the messages if you feel they aren’t performing as well as expected, or if the whole program turns out to be a dud you will have many more that will be gems.

And for those that are gems, you will look at them before the end of the 12 months and decide what to do for the next 12 months to monetize them even further.

You will already have a customer base just crying out for more information, advice and recommendations.

You won’t even need to find more traffic for your sites as all the traffic will be in your garage (your list) just waiting for you to direct them where to go.

As you can see now…

The longer you do this list building…

The more lists you build…

The bigger your business becomes, and before long…

Even a single email might make you more money than a whole year working at a JOB.

There are marketers who can make a million dollars in a day or two simply because of the lists they have.

They didn’t build these lists overnight, but they all got started right where you might be right now.

Every List Starts with ONE SUBSCRIBER!

Easy List Builders

Regards, Coyalita

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