Easy List Builders Understand This

Easy List Builders Understand This

Easy List Builders Understand This Most people on your list won’t buy from you, but many will, and that’s all
that matters.

You will get people who complain, unsubscribe and do all sorts of strange things – Don’t be at all concerned.

There are a lot of funny people in the world and we can’t sort them all out.

Laugh at everything, learn from what you can, and then let it flow over your head and move on.

Your time is too valuable for any mind distractions.

Every subscriber is only a click away from deleting their account and you are only a click away from deleting them too.

Listen to what your readers say and ask them what they want. When they tell you what they want – Give it to them and be thankful for the money they will give you in return.

Don’t sell crap.
The people who are most stupid are those who think they can fool everyone else and then wonder why they aren’t making any money themselves.

Don’t panic and don’t rush.
You won’t get rich from your first contact so take your time and you will be well rewarded by patience and supplying relevant information without hitting people constantly with sales pitches.

Intersperse your regular weekly newsletter with ‘great deals’ when you find them. People want you to do this – That’s why they signed up and you are actually doing them a favor by supplying them with money saving offers.

Some people might unsubscribe – Too Bad – They weren’t the ‘buying type’ and are a worthless number on your list.

JUST REMEMBER – If you hammer your list with selling all the time they will go elsewhere (to people like me ☺)

USE COMMONSENSE – If you haven’t got any then good luck, you will need it.

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Regards, Coyalita

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