Email Copy That Sells Scarcity, Deadlines and Limits

Email Copy That Sells Scarcity, Deadlines and Limits

Email Copy That Sells Scarcity, Deadlines and Limits where an offer is limited, let your subscribers know. If there are only 100 copies of a product, include it in your subject line.

Example subject line: [FIRSTNAME] – Brand New Fitness Report (100 Copies Only)

Your offer may not have a limit on the number of copies, but it may instead have a time limit.

Example subject line: [FIRSTNAME] – Download Your Free Fitness Report (24 Hours Only)

Limiting the number of copies or using a deadline creates a sense of urgency.

I have subscribers who buy my products straight away without even reading the full sales page because I set limited number of copies and timeframes.

Focus on One Goal

People easily get distracted, especially in this day and age. A website with lots of buttons and links will easily distract a visitor.

When writing any piece of copy, make sure it is focused on one goal.

It could be to get your readers to click on your link to read more, buy your product, and so on. This is the “linear path” method of writing sales copy. The goal is to make them read from top to bottom without getting distracted.

The same idea goes when you’re writing your sales copy on your website. You wouldn’t want to promote 10 different products and have 10 different banner ads on one page. You want to get them to just buy one product.

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