Email Copy That Sells The “Cliffhanger Effect”

Email Copy That Sells The “Cliffhanger Effect”

Email Copy That Sells The “Cliffhanger Effect” have you ever watched an episode of your favorite drama and just when the good part starts, you must wait for the next episode? Season finales are even worse! You must wait next year for the show to begin again. This is called the Cliffhanger – when you are left on the edge, anticipating. The proper term is called the Zeigarnik Effect.

How do you use this in your copy? Simple! I like to use “dot, dot, dot” (periods) or also known as ellipses at the end of the subject line or headline if you are writing a sales letter/landing page. This gives the shows that there is more or continues.

I especially like to use it on the first line of the body of my email. This gets your readers to continue reading your email.


This one simple adjustment increases your golf swing…

Here is your latest I.M. Report…

Here is 3 easy step to burning fat effortlessly…

Start With a Strong Opening

 Here is another tactic to get your readers’ attention:

Use strong openings.

“This should be the first line in your email (unless you use the Hi [FIRSTNAME] tag).” (“[New PLR] – “Email Copy That Sells Resale Rights Ebook …”)

Here are some examples of strong openings:

“I’m fed up!”

“It was so difficult!”

“They called me crazy!”

Your readers will want to know what is making you emotional.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: Write with Excitement & Emotion”

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