Email Copy That Sells W.I.I.F.M?

Email Copy That Sells W.I.I.F.M?

Email Copy That Sells W.I.I.F.M? What’s W.I.I.F.M.? It stands for What’s In It For Me. With anything you offer, there must always be a reason why they should click your link, buy your product, opt-in and so on.

What’s the reason they should buy your product or a product you’re promoting?

People don’t buy features; they buy based on what they’ll get out of it.

Take this as a hypothetical example. We’ve got an acne cream we want to promote. One of its features is it gets rid of acne. Now, we don’t just tell our readers it gets rid of acne. What does that mean to the user? We need to give them benefits. So, I would put it like this:

This cream gets rid of acne, which means you’ll feel a lot more attractive, you’ll be able to stand tall and confident, and won’t be embarrassed meeting people in person anymore.

Sales 101 – People buy based on emotion and then justify with logic.

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