Email Copy That Sells Write as If You are Writing to A Friend

Email Copy That Sells Write as If You are Writing to A Friend

Email Copy That Sells Write as If You are Writing to A Friend Here is the secret to authoring emails that absolutely out beats any other type of email:

Write as if you are writing to a friend.

That is, it!

You do not want to sound like a professional who is only out to collect your money. Talk as if you are talking to a friend.

If you find it hard doing this, pretend you are writing to your best friend whose name is “John.” Once you are done authoring your email, take “John” out of the copy.

Also, your copy does not always need to be perfect. In fact, you will get your subscribers letting you know if you made a mistake with a word. At least you know they are responding.

Tell A Story

Quite related to the previous since it is about being “personal” is to tell a story in your email. It is effective and works with any type of message you want to get across.

It grabs the readers’ attention and makes them want to read more. (“Blogger – Sayer”)

Do not be intimidated by storytelling, too. Most people think that they must write like Shakespeare and that a story must start with a “Once upon a time…,” but a story can be as simple as you want it to be.

Here are some examples of stories in action:

“I was out with my kids yesterday and something just struck me…”

“I hope your week’s been great! It’s been pretty productive on my end as I’m getting closer to launching my latest product.”

“Do you find when writing, you end up staring at a blank screen? I have that problem too. Yesterday I was attempting to write an eBook but failed! I mean I drank my coffee, had a good night’s rest, and started off with a healthy breakfast, but I was still mind blank in the end.”

Do you get the idea? It is that simple!

Use stories to your advantage. If you do not have any, just make one up. Besides, some of the best stories are fiction anyway.

Speak Their Language

I am not talking about speaking English, French or Japanese here, but speak using their vocabulary and technical words that makes sense in your field.

For instance, I prefer using the word “subscribers” as opposed to “leads” when I am speaking to my audience, as most are more familiar with subscribers. Also, “leads” sounds a little bit too “salesy.”

How To Copy Smokin’ Hot Email Subject Lines

Ever wanted to know what subject lines work?

Here is what to do. Sign up for a dedicated email address and then opt in to as many top newsletters in your field. Periodically, check your new email account and skim through the emails that get your attention!

Take note of what words the marketer used and create your own “swipe file” of golden subject lines. If it gets your attention, then it will get your readers’ attention too.

Things To Avoid

Do not Spam! Obvious but it must be said. The last thing you want is for your subscribers to hit the “spam” button. Most people get so much junk mail these days, anything that has a hint of spam gets deleted straight away.

DON’T USE HIGHER CASE LETTERS. As much as you want to get the attention of your readers, you DON’T want to go overboard. Using higher case letters makes you sound too aggressive. You want to sound friendly, so the best way is to use lower case letters, for example: Did you get access to the latest version?

Avoid the word “we” unless you work for a big corporation like Apple or Microsoft. You do not want to sound like a big firm trying to sell you something. You want to be that one person your subscribers know, like and trust. You want to be that person who has been through what they are going through.

Do not use the word “Hey.” Yes, quite surprisingly quite a few of my subscribers found it rude. I used it in a couple of my mailings, and they responded back to the email telling me not to call them “hey.” Instead, use “Hi.” You would think “hey” would sound friendlier, but it does not seem to be the case in my experience. But if you are getting good response from it, then “hey,” use it!

Avoid the slang “bro”! I have stressed the importance and effectiveness of being personal in your emails but adding slang to the picture may have the opposite effect. Avoid using too much slang because not all your audience will understand. Stick to plain language.

Do not use the email swipes that vendors and affiliate programs provide you. This is an effective way to kill your list. Yes, it might be easy to just simply copy and paste the email provided in the affiliate promotional tools, but then you would end up like the other hundred marketers who use the exact same email.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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