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Hello and welcome to Conversion Tips. Congratulations! You have reached the end of this video series and what I want to talk about right now is how to increase your conversions in terms of your Facebook ads. Let us get started!

After your campaign has been running a week, I want you to go back and look at your Facebook fan page. At this point in time, you should be adding about two to three to four different pieces of contents every day. The more content, the fresher it tends to look. The fresher it looks then people like the community is growing, and they want to be part of that community.

I want you to look at your Facebook fan page and how is your engagement. Is there a lot of comments? Are there a lot of likes? Are there a lot of reactions and things like that? Because that is important — the more interaction, the better.

Think of its like many transactions. As somebody interacts with your site, they are one step closer to where you want them to be – whether that is going to be buying your product, buying an affiliate product you are promoting, or even getting onto your list.

The way you can increase engagement is to gauge, ask questions; do not just post stuff up. Ask questions; engage them; ask controversial questions. You want to investigate engagement. The next question I want to cover is “Are you framing your content around your specific audience?”

Now, if we are trying to help our audience lower cholesterol, then keep in mind that there are many distinct types of audiences out there who want to lower their cholesterol. But are you trying to reach everybody? Or are you trying to reach a specific audience in specific demographics? That is why I put so much effort on demographics.

Remember, demographics is key. It will help you target the right person. You will save your money because you are not just throwing your money out. You are targeting a specific type of person who has a specific type of need. In other words, I would rather focus on busy women ages 35 to 40 in specifics let us say lowering cholesterol who may have busy jobs than all women. I do not want to focus on all women. In fact, I can even narrow it down and focus on busy women at ages thirty-five. So, the more specific you get, the better your engagement will get if the content that you provide is exactly what they want.

To be able to figure out what kind of content to add because I know you are thinking, “Well, I’m still confused about this, how can I figure out what more content to provide them?” Try to figure out where these types of people spend time together and then go to them; talk to them; understand their needs because you really are not going to be able to do that unless you are able to be in that same situation.

So, by being able to talk to somebody who is in that type of frame; that type of frame of mindset, then that will help you out a lot more in terms of providing content, providing answers to questions people have in that area.

Another question is “Why would they need what you are trying to sell.” If you have done this properly, targeting a specific audience, you will know why they will need what you’re trying to sell – whether that’s your own product or whether it is an affiliate product.”

The next question I want to ask you is “Have you gotten them onto your list?” You can do this through giveaways, contests, and other things like that. You just got to keep in mind that Facebook does not like contests or sweepstakes or anything like that in terms of the Facebook ad itself. You must get prior authorization like we talked about earlier, but if you do it on your Facebook fan page itself, they might be a little bit more lenient to you.

Obviously, if you are concerned, contact Facebook, ask them, and get an answer directly from them because they are always changing their policy, privacy policies, their ad guidelines, and things like that. So, it is better to just get an answer straight from them.

Another thing I find that works well in terms of getting people onto your list is by offering free reports. Free reports, let us say, for example, which have the Top 10 questions that this audience asks; answers those questions thoroughly – answers the what, the why, the what. And if you want to do the how — “how” could be the product itself or “how” could be the service you are providing.

And if you are sending them directly to your website which we didn’t really cover in this course because I really wanted you to focus on getting them to your Facebook fan page, but if you are trying to send them directly to your website, have you evaluated the Facebook fan page strategy yet? If you have and you are sending them to the Facebook fan page to your website, then you will need to assess it. The best way to doing it is by split testing it. Get them onto your list; a lot of times before somebody buys your product or buys an affiliate product, they must see it 7 to 12 times – 7 to 12 different emails in your autoresponder.

Finally, we have Facebook Ad Title/Image Variation. Have you tested different ad variations? Tested different images? Different Facebook titles? Different call to actions? Different verbs in your call to actions? One thing that I found that works really well is if you do go to these forums where these people hang out, try to understand; see what kind of words they use – understand the technical jargon because that will ultimately appeal to them especially if it’s a very technical realm because they will see you as one of them even if you’re not.

Those are just a couple of conversion tips that you can use starting today and I recommend as always, assess it out. If it works, then scale it. If it does not work, then tweak it.

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Thank you for joining me on this adventure through “Facebook Traffic Videos” I hope you have discovered some tips and tricks to help continuation with your own Traffic Adventures here’s to your success.

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