Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping PLR Articles into E-books

Flipping Content for Instant CashFlipping PLR Articles into E-books I don’t know about you, but I have PLR articles on just about every niche you can imagine on my hard drives. I’m a bit of a PLR hoarder.

If I research a niche, as in the example above, but can’t find a suitable PLR e-book to promote, I’ll look through my PLR articles. I can usually find two or three articles that I can use as the basis for an e-book to promote. By using the articles as my framework, I can generally have an e-book produced in less than a day.

Something I’ve been doing lately when writing articles or e-books, is to record myself speaking my content into a microphone. This speeds up the whole writing process, to such an extent that I can produce a 500-word article in approximately 5 minutes.

I then get that audio transcribed at a cost of roughly one dollar per article. It costs me between $10 and $15 to get a 5000-word e-book transcribed. This has an added benefit in that I now have an MP3 recording of the e-book, together with a transcript of the audio.

Which leads nicely to my next Content Flipping method.

Regards, Coyalita

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