Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Ebooks into Audio

Flipping Content for Instant CashFlipping eBook’s Into Audio – As I mention above, one of my productivity improvements is to record myself speaking my content.

I got this idea from actually working on an audio of an e-book. I had an e-book and wanted a bonus to add to it. I was wondering what to add when it just popped into my head – ‘Just add an audio recording of the e-book’.

What in fact then happened was that instead of promoting the e-book, I promoted the MP3 and threw the e-book in as the bonus. So rather than promote the e-book for $9.95, I promoted the MP3 for $14.95 and made 50% more on each sale as a result.

Ka-Ching! More Instant Cash.

This is a very powerful method and should not be underestimated. I’ll explain my reasoning for why I believe this to be such an important topic.

The population as a whole hate to read. The average ‘reading age’ of the adult population is between 10 and 11. So reading is not high on the agenda for the public in general.

MP3 players are everywhere you look these days. They are just
about as prevalent as mobile phones and indeed some mobile
phones now double as MP3 players.

So, it makes sense for us, as marketers, to provide the content to
our customers in the most convenient and easily consumed
package we can devise.

By promoting our content with the audio recordings as the primary product, and the transcription as the bonus, we are appealing to wider section of the market than we would by promoting the e-book as our primary product with the audio as the bonus.

It means that your customer can listen to you and absorb your content when they are away from their computer and reading would be inappropriate. e.g. When they go jogging, working-out at the gym or commuting.

Because audio, certainly outside the IM niche, has a higher
perceived value, than a straightforward e-book, you win on two

1. You can charge more for the MP3 than for a straightforward ebook.

2. It doesn’t take as long to produce an e-book from scratch, if
You record it and then get it transcribed. (The whole process
may take a bit longer, but the time you actually spend creating
the e-book is cut dramatically).

I believe that this is so important that I now carry a digital recorder around with me so that I can record ideas and articles as they occur to me, regardless of where I might be when an idea strikes.

Another area which is already huge is video. And its use is only
going to get more widespread as time goes on.

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Regards, Coyalita

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