Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping PLR Articles into Content Sites

Flipping Content for Instant CashFlipping PLR Articles into Content Sites. As I’ve already mentioned, I have PLR articles on almost every subject you could shake a stick at. Some of the subjects or niches to which these articles apply are of little or no interest to me.

So, what I do from time to time if I want to generate some Instant Cash, is grab a bunch of these articles and create a content site out of them, or rather I create up to 10 sites.

The process goes like this.

I get 10 to 15 PLR articles all based on the same general topic. If I haven’t got enough, I’ll go to one of the PLR sites I’m a member of and grab a pack of 10 articles based on the niche.

Then I go to http://oswd.org and grab several site designs, where commercial use is permitted. Always refer to the terms of use of a template. Some allow any use but some do restrict the usage of the templates to non-commercial use only.

There are plenty of templates which do allow commercial use, so it’s only good manners to respect the wishes of those designers who do restrict the use of their templates.

I then go to http://namecheap.com and register up to 10 domains, with names linked to the subject of the sites.

I’ll then build 5 to 10 sites using the PLR articles, after I have spent a few minutes on each article to ensure it’s at least 30% different. The sites I then put on different hosting accounts.

Next, I go to http://forums.digitalpoint.com and go to the sections where you can list sites for sale.

This service is free to anyone who has more than 25 posts to their name. I post that I have 5 to 10 sites with content and domain name for sale at $35.00 each.

If I want to make a bit more money for the sites, I’ll create unique content, using the audio method I mentioned above. It takes a bit longer, but for a 35-page site with unique content, I sell them for $97 each, so it’s worth the extra time. If I sell all 10 sites, I make the best part of $1000 for not a lot more than 5- or 6-hours work.

This method isn’t building me any long-term income, nor is it building me any assets but it’s a great way to make Instant Cash
and it utilizes PLR content that I probably wouldn’t use, for anything else. So rather than have it sitting gathering cyber-dust, I convert it into Instant Cash, which I can use.

There is so much PLR content available today and not just in the
form of articles and e-books. You can get a year’s worth of
newsletters, you can get blog posts, articles and a ‘free report’ to
use as lead capture bait.

Using only PLR content and free templates from OSWD, you can literally build a complete ‘business in a box’ and put it up for sale.

You have the content; you have the newsletters you would send out via auto responder; you could build a Squidoo lens to promote the site using the blog posts.

You could easily put a squeeze page on the site and have a free report to entice sign-ups. And if you add an MP3 together with the transcription and a Sales Page, together with a promotional video, you are literally giving someone a ‘ready-made business in a box’.

How much do you think that sort of product could command? $297, maybe more You only need to do that once a week and you’ve covered your mortgage and car payments for the month. And the cost of all this PLR content and the domain name? Less than the cost of a dinner for two.

At the end of this report, I’ll give you a list of places where I go to get PLR content.

Before we get to that, there’s one more Content Flipping tactic that I employ.

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Regards, Coyalita

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