Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping PLR Ebooks into Short Reports

Flipping Content for Instant Cash – Flipping PLR Ebooks into Short Reports. Sometimes I’ll look at an e-book and think, ‘That doesn’t really flow together as an e-book.’

So, what I’ll do is break each chapter down into a short report, that stands up in its own right, as useful information.

Typically, the report will run to 1500 -2000 words and the way I use these is as content for a membership site in that niche. This serves two purposes.

1. Content creation for any membership site can be time
consuming. Creating content by flipping an E-book into short
reports save me time. I also get several reports from any one
e-book, all based around one subject. This helps with member
retention, as I post a ‘teaser’ snippet for the next report in the
series, to give them something to come back for next month.

2. I’m building an asset, the membership site, which will continue to pay me for as long as I have members, and which has an increasing value as the content and membership continues to grow. I can also sell the site for an injection of Instant Cash, should I choose.

Occasionally, I will also take one these short reports and sell it, if I need an injection of Instant Cash, without having to put too much effort into product creation.

I think you can probably see that Flipping PLR Content can be highly lucrative, both in the short term and as a business and asset building strategy, in the long term.

To summarise.

Content Flipping is the process of taking old PLR content and transforming it into new and more marketable content by any one of the methods I have described, or a combination of two or more methods.

The main method of promoting the new product, is via the Bum Marketing method of article writing and submission to the major Article Directories, together with Forum marketing, that’s done properly i.e. Not by spamming, but by contributing useful and helpful information.

It really is only governed by your own imagination, what you can do with your PLR content and even your own redundant content.

One word of caution that bears repeating.

Always make sure that any content you wish to use in the manner described here has the rights that allow you to change it completely and put your name on it, as the author.

If those rights are not granted for any particular item of content, you can’t use that content in this manner.

If you ignore this advice, you can expect to land yourself in legal ‘hot water’ for breach of copyright. This is something that you should not take lightly.

The penalties for copyright infringement can run to very significant sums of money. It is simply not worth taking the risk.

Flipping Content For Instant Cash

Regards, Coyalita

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