Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Flipping Content for Instant Cash

Bum Content Flipping

Flipping Content for Instant Cash Bum Content Flipping – Bum flipping is the term I use for this tactic. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 18 months, you’ll have heard the term ‘Bum Marketing’.

Just to re-cap what’s involved, this is a method of affiliate marketing which was brought to prominence by Travis Sago. Basically, this involves writing articles which promote affiliate products and submitting these articles to the big Article Directories.

When people read the articles, they follow the affiliate link in your bio box for more information. The link leads them to the sales page for the affiliate product concerned and if they buy the product, then the writer earns a commission.

The bio box is the box you are allowed to add to your article, which tells people about the author and where they can find more information.

An example might look something like this:
John Doe has been a writer on Parakeets for 20 years
For more information on the breeding habits of Parakeets
Please visit here

Bum Flipping involves a similar process, except that the link in the bio box leads to one of my sites, instead of a merchant’s site. The whole process goes like this. I research niche, find a product that’s selling well and then go and find a PLR product that’s similar in nature.

I then take that PLR product and either add to it or re-write parts of it, in order to make it different from the original. Occasionally, if I find a couple of PLR eBook’s I’ll combine them into one large e-book, making it a completely unique product.

Then, I’ll change the graphics and the Title and probably the most important change I’ll make, is to the Sales Page. Don’t be tempted to use the Sales Page that came with PLR product.

This is what almost everyone else does and it generally results in lousy sales for all concerned. Not really surprising, when you think about it. I always make a completely new Sales Page from scratch. This separates me from 99% of the others out there who are selling much the same product.

I then buy a domain name specific to the product and host the new Sales Page on the new site. By doing things in this way, I control the product and more importantly, the Sales Page.

The next step is to write 30 or more articles (or, more often than not, I’ll outsource this), on keywords which have a good number of searches, but don’t have excessive numbers of competing sites.

When doing your keyword research there are any number of ‘tools’ available. The two that I tend to use most frequently are

https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and http://www.nichebotclassic.com

These two tools are free to use and help me find the words and phrases that are going to be relatively easy to rank well for, when writing articles based on these keywords.

Additionally, for each keyword or phrase, I’ll make sure I use a number of Google’s Additional Keywords to Consider (below the initial list of keywords and phrases), within each article. I’ll then submit them to the Article Directories, over the space of a week or ten days.

This frequently results in a number of my articles appearing on the front page of Google for those search terms, as a result of appearing on sites like EzineArticles.com. This can take as little as two weeks to achieve but usually a little longer (3-4 weeks).

The main benefit of this approach is that I start getting ‘organic’
Search Engine traffic, for highly targeted keywords. This is high
quality traffic, which usually converts really well.

If other web masters are looking for content in that niche, your articles may well end up on a number of other sites, which are all relevant to your subject matter. With all the links in the bio boxes pointing back to my Sales Page, my site gets some PR-love, from any site using my articles.

To further promote my product, I’ll join forums in that niche, where I’ll post useful information. I might also use one or two of my outsourced articles as the basis for forum posts.

Using forums as a free means of promotion, especially outside the IM arena, is a very much overlooked tactic and one which I love using. Posting really useful information also helps you to gain a good reputation in your niche, which never hurts when it comes to making sales.

If you have a snappy ‘sig. line’ which appears below each post with a link to your Sales Page, you can generate significant traffic, just from posting helpful information in niche forums.

By promoting my own product rather than affiliate products, I don’t have to wait weeks and sometimes months to get paid. A further benefit of this method is that I’m building an asset which will go on earning me money for as long as I continue to promote it.

If at any stage, I don’t wish to promote it any longer, I can sell the site and the product for anything from 12 to 20 times monthly profits. Ka-ching. More Instant Cash. It’s then a case of ‘Rinse and Repeat’, in another niche.

How else do I use my old PLR articles and e-books?

Only $7

Flipping Content For Instant Cash

Regards, Coyalita

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