Forming Relationships on The Forum

Forming Relationships on The Forum

Forming Relationships on The Forum as you move forward and become more invested in the forum, I suggest you take steps to form relationships with some of the other dedicated members. As you post, you will start to recognize some of the names of others, and they will recognize you when they see you post.

One thing I like doing is sending some of these people personalized messages from time to time. This is a terrific way to make a closer contact on the forum. It is done directly through the forum in most cases and is not seen as being as invasive as sending an email.

You can do this for all kinds of reasons, to continue a discussion in private from a thread, to ask additional questions, or even just to introduce yourself.

There are many advantages to forming these kinds of relationships besides the obvious ‘trying to sell your product” angle, including:

1) You can ask these people to check out your product and provide a testimonial

2) You can ask these people for feedback regarding your market, such as the types of things they look for in a product, etc.

3) You never know where a relationship may lead. For example, say you are promoting a dog training product. (“The Secret to Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Your …”) You could form a relationship with a pet store owner who would be willing to promote your product in his or her store!

I suggest you view video #15 to see me elaborate on forming relationships.

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