Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for ProfitMonitor Your Search Engine Rankings Once you have been indexed by search engines periodically check up on your blog’s rankings within its niche.

You do this of course by searching on the key phrase you used for optimization.

If you picked a penetrable niche, you should be able to get onto the first page (at least on Yahoo) within a month, but if not, you will need to:

Search out link partners in your niche and set up reciprocal links. Simply find high-ranking websites in your niche on Google and Yahoo and offer to exchange links with them.

That’s all. (I know, that was a lot of work.) Now, do it again with a different Blog and a different subject.

If you don’t have any private label content to use for your first blog, you can purchase some from the Warrior Forum at an excellent rate. Most Warrior Forum authors charge less than $2 per document.

You Cannot take this Information with You

so, the best thing to do is Spend $ 7 and you have it forever.

 “Free Blogging for Profit”
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