Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for ProfitGetting Started It is always best to try and make money from what you know. It is far easier to write about what you know than to try and make money writing about other things.

However, having said that, you can find free content on almost any subject, so you can pick a subject that you think would be profitable, but you don’t really know anything about.

– AdSense Research

We will start by finding out how much the maximum bid is for a keyword. Please note that you will not likely get anything close to this value as this is only showing the highest bid. The visitor may click on lower paying ads.

Also, there are two types of PPC advertising. They can advertise on the “Search Network” and/or the “Content Network”. If they don’t advertise in the content network, the ads won’t show on your site.

This is the best information we have, so it will give you a general idea of the money available for this keyword.

You can find the tool here:

You now need to find out the competition for this keyword. This is a bit labor intensive. I will show you a way to do it for free here.

Go Here and search for the keyword or key phrase that you are targeting for your niche. For instance, if you are targeting “credit card”, you would key it in below as shown.

Now, Key the keywords into Yahoo search and you will get the following results. Make sure you put the quotes around the key phrase.

On the line that says search results, you will see the following information:
Results 1 – 10 of about 10,400,000 for “card credit” You will now do some division to come up with a ratio.

You take the number of searches for that phrase and divide it by the number of websites to get a ratio of searches to websites. In this example, that would be:

1961152 / 10400000 which is .1886

Do the same for all of the results. You will then take the result with the highest ratio and optimize your blog for that content. This will be the keyword which is most likely to get you listed high in the search engines.

Included in the zip file is a spreadsheet that you can plug the results into. The spreadsheet is available in Works, Lotus 1-2-3, and Excel formats.

Below is a screenshot of the included Spreadsheet on the keyword credit card..

Regards, Coyalita

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