How To Manage and Sell Affiliate Programs

How To Manage and Sell Affiliate Programs

How To Manage and Sell Affiliate ProgramsAll about the Money Let’s face it; you are getting involved with affiliate programs because you want to make money. Some people might tell you it is for a greater purpose, but don’t you believe it?

I saw one program that is supposed to send money to save the rain forests. They might very well send some money to protect the rain forests, but their main objective is to protect their bank account.

As one of our Super Affiliates says in his overview: (you can read this in our Super Affiliate Overview section) It is okay to be rich. But, remember, you are not going to become an instant millionaire; I don’t care what program you sign up with.

If you choose the program that is right for you and you work the program in good faith and you give 100% effort and you don’t bounce all over the place, you will make money, pure and simple.

The amount you make and the timeframe to making money is going to depend on too many variables to discuss. I will tell you again, if you are thinking you are going to make millions of dollars in a week or month or year, it simply isn’t going to happen.

You will be in for a letdown and then you will get discouraged and then you will start bouncing in desperation to multiple programs and pretty soon, your budget is gone, your desire is gone and you will have nothing to show for your efforts, but a drained bank account and a very bad taste in your mouth about working programs on the Internet.

Okay, let’s talk about payment programs and what the different types mean to you as an affiliate.

One-time payments:

One-time payment programs are when you make a sale and you get a commission-end of story. My personal opinion is to avoid these types of programs.

You might get a nice commission up-front, but the big winner is the company you just sold for. They get the sale, and they get the buyers’ information and they can then continue to market to this person, cutting you out of the picture. You did the work, and they got the glory.

You are in this type of moneymaking program for yourself and if you are with a good affiliate program, you will be in it for your affiliate partners. It is great that you work with a good company that has a good product or service, but at the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to put some coins in your pocket that will continue to grow.

Recurring Payments

Remember that now famous phrase, “Show me the money” this is the type of program you want to align yourself with. Recurring payments are set up so you continue making commissions every month for as long as you and your affiliate partners stay with a program.

Find a solid program with recurring payments, as this is your best bet to secure your financial future.

The majority of affiliate programs are 2-tier. This means you sell person A and they sell person B and you get a percent from your first tier (person A) and a percent from your second tier (person B). Generally anything more than 2 tiers are considered to be an MLM program (multilevel marketing), and while there is nothing wrong with a solid MLM program, some of the payment processors such as PayPal and most credit card companies do not allow MLM to be sold through their systems. This reduces the number of prospects for you to sell to.

Commission Percentages:

You will find a lot of similarities with programs on the Internet and the commission payment scale is one of those. Most companies pay 30% – 40\% for your first-tier sales and 10% – 15% for second tier sales.

There is nothing wrong with these types of payment structures if you are okay giving the majority of the money you make back to the company you are working with.

My personal opinion is and will always be to give the majority of the income to those people who are helping you sell. Marketing costs of 40% to 60% are not uncommon for many companies during startup and for the first few years of their existence.

The companies that don’t make it past startup do not understand this aspect of doing business and this is one of the main reasons they fail. You cannot start a business and expect to make money immediately. You cannot get involved with affiliate marketing and expect to make money immediately.

If this is your position, stop reading now and focus your attention on something else. Don’t base your entire affiliate program decision on the commission percentage amount, but do make sure you are being paid a fair percentage.

Ideally, you will want to get a first-tier payout of 50%. With this type of structure, you only need to make 2 sales and you will be at break even. This helps you, but it also helps you to recruit.

Getting 2 sales is much easier than getting 4 and your prospects are going to look at this aspect of the program just as you will. Your goal is to become profitable as soon as possible and then take your profits and invest them back into your marketing and advertising.

Continue investing your profits back into your program until you are making at least $100 a month, then you can start keeping anything over the $100 and investing $100 in marketing and advertising. If you want to grow quickly, invest everything you make back into marketing and advertising for a full year.

After a year, you should be making good enough money that you can pay yourself a nice salary and continue investing back into the program.

Join the best program you can that fits your beliefs and background and find the program with the highest commission payout and the sky is the limit for you.

You can review our System for Success at We created an industry-leading two-tier affiliate program that earns a 65% payout! That’s 50% on direct sales and an additional 15% on second-tier sales. Make just 2 direct sales and the rest of all your sales are pure profit.

While most companies keep the majority of the profits, we believe in large payouts to our affiliates and keeping our members happy.

Getting Paid:

This is the best part of any program, getting your money. Most reputable companies pay every 2 weeks or monthly at worst, and they usually pay once you reach a certain amount due.

The industry standard is $50. Some programs pay immediately and if you find a reputable company that pays instantly and all the rest of their program fits your desires, then great go with them.

The biggest issue is to make sure that you will get paid for your work. This is where more research comes into play. There are a lot of scams on the Internet—yes that is hard to believe, but it is true!

PayPal is the standard payment method for reputable programs and now StormPay is gaining a little ground. Some companies only pay via check and this is fine as long as the checks are mailed when they say and they don’t bounce.

There is nothing worse than making sales for a company and putting your time, energy and effort into a program and then having them not pay you or pay you late.

A word of warning: Do not cancel your membership to any program when you are owed money. A lot of times, the cancellation is tied directly into the program system and once you are cancelled all your payment information is immediately lost.

Getting paid every two weeks or even monthly is not a bad deal. As you are starting off, this is just additional income, so when the check or online payment does come, it is extra money and should go right back into marketing and advertising.

The best programs pay weekly and have low payout amounts such as $10 – $25. It is your money and you should get it quickly. There is no reason for a company to keep your money any longer than necessary. pays you every week when you are owed $10 or more. This again is an industry leader as most programs pay every other week or monthly and they hold your money until you are owed $50 or more.

Tracking Payments:

Along with getting paid, you will want to make sure that whatever program you align yourself with, you will want to be able to track your sales. Any company that does not give you direct access to your financial information is a company that you should stay away from.

You should be able to find out how much money you make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You will also want to track how much you have been paid and how much you are owed.

Any company that does not give you these details is a company you will want to stay away from. This is your money and you need this data. uses top of the line affiliate software which allows you to log in to your affiliate account anytime you like in order to check all hits, sales and commissions owed. All stats are automatically calculated daily, monthly, and even yearly. Plus, the affiliate area is full of ads, banners and marketing resources for your continued success.

Timeline for Making Money:

This is usually the first question everyone wants to know when starting a new program. The answer is actually very simple. Nobody knows! People who tell you that you will make $5,000 in a week or a month are simply telling you a lie. There are too many variables involved for anyone to give you an honest answer.

I have affiliates with who join and make sales on the first day and I have affiliates who have been with the program for 2 months and have not made a sale.

From my own personal experience, it is easy to see why people do not make sales, and that is because they are not making any effort to advertise the program. I can review the hits and see that those making sales are getting hits and those who are not making sales are not getting hits.

Now, let me tell you one thing here—Hits do not make sales—Qualified customers make sales. This might sound like a contradiction, but allow me to briefly explain this.

If you are selling snow and you set up your store in the North Pole, you might get lots of people coming into your store to get warm or talk, but you are not going to get anyone buying. Now, if you set up this same snow store in the tropics, you are going to get a lot of people coming into your store and you are going to make a lot of sales.

Aside from the fact that there are no snow stores, the big picture is you want to find the best possible source of people who are willing and able to buy your products. Hits do not make sales, just like getting people into your snow store will not guarantee you sales – especially if you set up the store in the North Pole!

I mention this at this time, because I have affiliates who get hundreds of hits a day and while they are making sales, the best affiliates are getting fewer hits, but better qualified hits and they are making the most sales.

If you have a good product or service and you are with a reputable company and you do your homework and you market and promote the business to the right people, you will make sales.

If you go and buy guaranteed hits—which I have never found one source that works, or if you send ads to the wrong people and you do not know your audience, you are not going to make sales and therefore you are not going to make money.

The timeline for you to make money is entirely up to you. There is no magic about online promotion or making money. Work your program and put the effort into your program and you can start showing a return almost immediately. Sit back and wait for the sales to roll in and you are going to fail.

How To Manage and Sell Affiliate Programs

Regards, Coyalita

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