How To Manage and Sell Affiliate Programs

How To Manage and Sell Affiliate Programs

How To Manage and Sell Affiliate ProgramsAll About the Program There are thousands of programs on the Internet, and it seems like hundreds more pop-up every day.

Most programs will not last a month, as they are out to scam as many people as they can as quickly as they can, get all the money they can and they will disappear.

Personally, I find it comical to see the outrageous claims made by many companies online. If these same companies tried this type of marketing in the brick-and-mortar business world, they would not last a day.

For some reason, the Internet has become this huge void of companies that promise instant wealth with no investment and no work. I will say this again— and I will keep saying it until people wake up to the realization that if they can show you how to make so much money with no work and no selling and no investment—What Do They Need You For? 

Choosing a Program:

If you are already involved with a program that you like, then skip this section. If you have not chosen a program, then prepare to do some research and make absolutely certain the program you join is right for you. Not just financially, but personally and professionally as well. There is a new website called Look2Gain that will allow you to search and research programs of interest.

Rule number one when choosing a program is DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE! If a program guarantees you will make money, find out how they can make this guarantee. Get other affiliates names and contact them. Research-Research- Research.

Forget free programs. If a program is free, where does the money come from? Someone has to pay in order for you to get paid. If you are not willing to invest money to make money, why would anyone else?

There are programs for just about everyone. There are programs for marketing, medical, health, animals, environment, training, and the list goes on. If you choose a program that fits your background or belief, you are much more likely to do well.

Having knowledge about a specific product or service will put you ahead of the learning curve and allow you to take a leap forward in your sales approach.

Free Programs:

By now you might have gotten the hint that I am not a big believer in free programs. Not only am I not a believer, but also, they are some of the biggest scams on the Internet. Yes, there are some people making money off free programs, but only the ones who started the program.

All 5 Super Affiliates say the same thing when asked about free programs—They don’t work and where does the money come from? If you are going to sell a product or service, but you are not willing to buy that product or service, how can you honestly tell others to buy?

Now, if you are selling jets or super high-priced products, this does not hold true, but to my knowledge there are no jet selling affiliate programs on the Internet. Buy it, own it, use it, believe in it and sell it.

At our company, only paying members are licensed to resell memberships to the ISOR System for Success. We believe in setting good examples and all of our affiliates are paying members as well.

This is the only way to really know a program inside and out and to be able to answer questions to prospects about your products and business opportunities.

Here is the way free programs work: You sign up for a free account, the company now has your email which will be sold to anyone with a heartbeat. You will also be promised the world and part of the Universe to get you to upgrade to a paying membership or to buy a book or other product that will guarantee to make your sales explode.

They will give you instant downlines—people who also joined for free and the same people will most likely be the downlines for other free members. Do you see where this is going? You have just given this company permission to blitz you with promotional opportunities, offers, products and services and they know a certain percentage of people are going to either upgrade or buy a product.

The numbers game that only works to their favor. Think about it, 0 x 0 = 0 and 0 + 0 = 0 no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 free members in your downline, if no one upgrades your income is a big fat 0.

My personal advice is to steer completely clear of free programs. If you are not willing to invest money into the program, why should anyone else?

Paid Programs:

Since the Internet started, free was the order of the day; so, paying for anything online became a very unnatural mentality. This is similar to the way television was before cable took over and got people conditioned to paying. However, paid programs on the Internet are the only way to go.

Putting your money down and actually buying the product or service you are selling shows that you believe in the product/service and you can easily transfer that belief to others, even without seeing them face-to-face.

Why should I buy from you, when you don’t even own what you are selling? This is similar to going to a Ford dealership and the owner of the dealership driving a Chevy or the owner of the Chevy dealership driving a Ford. It would never happen. There is nothing wrong with either of these automobiles, but if you are going to sell Fords you need to drive a Ford and if you are going to sell Chevy’s, you need to drive a Chevy.

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a well-paid program, and I am not recommending that just because the program is not free, that it is the one for you. What I am saying is that by putting your belief in the program by buying the program, you can honestly tell potential customers that the program works and I am proof.

One word of caution regarding paid programs: There are some nutritional supplements that make you buy their product and give away free samples. I do not agree with this, as this is just a sneaky way to get you to buy their products. They are getting their money for the products and they will tell you that this is a marketing expense for you.

In reality it should be a learning expense. If a company wants you to give away the product to get people to buy it, then they should give you free samples. Be cautious of this approach as you are essentially buying the product, making someone else money with the hope of making sales.

Even if you are in a paid program, it still does not guarantee you will be successful. Remember, there are thousands of programs available and thousands of people promoting those programs, so you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

You do this by not following the leader. All good programs will give you ads and banners and links and tell you where to promote. These ads and resources are a great starting point, but take the ads and tweak them a little so they read a little differently.

Create your own subject headings and whatever you do, do not start a subject line with Re: or Fwd:. These are so overused on the Internet and it is deceptive. You might get people to click on the link, but as soon as they see it is an ad, they will be gone.

I am not sure what so called Guru came up with this bright idea, but it is simply bad business to trick people into opening your offer. Again, the so-called Gurus are going to disagree with me because they will tell you that the main objective is to get your message opened.

I don’t care how many messages get opened, people are too smart and savvy today and when they feel they have been duped, they are gone and you won’t get them back. I believe in treating people like they have a brain; not like they are sheep that follow what everyone else does. If you have a good paid program and the value-add is there, you will make sales; that is the plain and simple truth.

Find a good paid program that is not over-hyped and that offers a good variety of tools and resources, and that people can afford and work it with your heart and you will do well.

When you first start out, stay away from the high-priced programs (those over $50 a month). Your market is greatly reduced by working these types of programs. Start with a less expensive and quality program and then work your way up.

I called this the Step process while I was in corporate marketing. I started clients out with a $9.95 book and within 6 months I had gained enough faith from them that I was able to sell them consulting and training at over $1,500 a day.

If you show your downline that they can make money with an affordable program and you build up a nice downline of several hundred or several thousand people, then you can start looking at higher priced programs. You have a prospect list that you have already helped, so they will naturally go with you into another program.

How Many Programs Should You Work:

Another question that is asked by people on a daily basis is how many programs should they work? When you are starting out; you should find one program and give it your complete and total attention for a minimum of 3 months.

Again, do not believe the hype that you can make thousands of dollars in a few weeks with no work and no investment. It is just an outright lie.

Get into a good program with a reputable company that offers something that you can believe in and something that is needed and devote your attention to that program. Learn about the marketing techniques used on the Internet, read about what is working and what is not, research ways to separate yourself from the competition.

You are going to be buried working just one program, so why push yourself? I get dozens of emails each day with offers to buy or join or do, but remember, you need to choose your battles and choose them carefully.

After you have started to make money with your first program and you have a good system in place for marketing, advertising, management, contact management, time management, then you can begin to review other opportunities.

Working on too many programs would be similar to a restaurant owner, trying to cook, serve, clean, wash dishes, manage, answer the phones, take to-go orders, etc. You cannot do everything and do it well and this is one area where people make a big mistake.

They start a program, and if they do not make immediate sales, like the sales hype told them they would, they get disheartened and jump to the next great program.

I had one affiliate who joined and started out with a dozen sales her first week. Since that first week, she has made no additional sales. In talking with her affiliate partners, I found out that this is what she does. She joins anything new and then bombards her downline with the offer.

She gets her initial investment back, but her downline is left to fend for themselves. Several of her affiliate partners have told me they are dropping all programs she is associated with, so she will no longer get commissions with them.

Some of these programs, they are even making money with, but they are so mad at her approach, they are willing to lose money, to keep her from getting money.

Keep this in mind as you grow your affiliate partners. Take care of the people who take care of you. Focus on just the program or programs that you can do well and you will do fine. Attempt to take on too much and the fun will be gone and soon so will the profits.


I have mentioned the hype of programs several times throughout this book, so now I want to spend just a little time on it in more detail. Below are some ads I have received in the last couple of days.

The Next Billion Dollar Product—Yes, but for who? Guaranteed! We do the work! You Get the Check! —If they do the work, then why do they need you?

First week of Pre-Launch—I actually have seen this same ad for over 3 months now. I guess their week is a little longer than mine.

Make Over a Billion Dollars in less than 3 weeks! —This is my personal favorite. Anyone who sent this guy money deserved to be ripped off.

Before you believe the hype and fall prey to these companies even if they say they are giving you a membership. Stop and ask yourself a couple of questions. Why would they want to give you a free membership? How could I possibly make a billion dollars in 3 weeks? Does this company have a phone number of physical addresses?

That brings up a major point. If you go to a site and there is no contact information other than an email address, go onto the next one. If a company will not post their complete contact information at their site, how can you believe they will be around in a week or month?

Too many online companies provide a contact form or email address and that is all. I do not do business with any company that operates in this way. If they do not give me a telephone number and a physical address that can be verified, they will not get my money or business.

This leads us directly to our next section on Customer Service.

Customer Service:

What is good customer service? Good customer service is when a company will respond to your email questions on the same day, they receive it. Not an autoresponder that says they received your email and they will respond when they get the chance, but a real person sending a personalized email with your questions answered or telling you when they will answer it.

I am amazed when I see a company say they will respond within 48 – 72 hours. Can you imagine going to a major department store and being told they would be with you in 48 – 72 hours!

They would be out of business faster than that. When you choose a program, make sure they have qualified and quality customer support. Send them an email or try calling them and see how they respond to your questions.

Are they knowledgeable about the product or service? Do they show genuine concern with any issue you bring up? Are they sincere in responding to your questions?

If not, go find another company to work with because if you cannot get your questions answered, your customers and affiliate partners won’t have success in this department either and they simply will not stay with the program.

When you are working on a program and run into an issue, you need support right then, not 2 – 3 days later and not from an automated response. Companies need to understand that they work for their affiliates and not the other way around. You are doing them a favor by making sales for them, and make sure they treat you like the important person you are.

Customer Service and the hype a company puts out go hand in hand. I had a company I once used to buy solo ads for. The first few times I used them, they were great. Then their service began to slide and within about 4 weeks they hit bottom.

My ads were not delivered on the days they were supposed to go; the wrong subject headings were used; free ads I was promised were not delivered. I contacted the owner and voiced my concerns and the response I got back was: I am a very busy person, I am human, I make mistakes.

No apology, no refund, no offer to run my ad again and guess what? NO more money from ISO Register, Inc. to his company. If you do not get good customer service, I strongly recommend you drop the company and find a company that wants your business and wants to work with you.

They are out there and they will be the ones who will be around long after all the overhyped businesses have gone the way of the overhyped dot-gone companies of two years ago. has links to all contact information on every page of every website in the ISOR System for Success. We can be reached anytime by our toll-free number(s) and email accounts posted on our contact page.

We have even gone a step further by providing Live Support on our websites. We have operators standing by to help you while visiting any of our websites.

Regards, Coyalita

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