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Write & Create eBooks Creating your first E-book

Write & Create eBooks Creating your first E-book – It’s true what they say…

Everyone can write an E-book, or information product, and distribute, sell, or give it away, on the Web.

It doesn’t take a lot to start, because eBook’s are easy to distribute, and you have almost no costs to cover….

All you need is a PC, a simple word processor, a program to compile your E-book, some space on a web server to make your book available for download, and a way to accept credit card payments, like Clickbank or Paypal.

Don’t worry about all this right now, you’ll learn about that soon.

Fiction and Nonfiction eBook’s are amongst the best-selling items on the Internet.

People will always have a need for entertainment and/or information, and if you can provide it to them with a few mouse clicks, you’ll be rewarded.

Your own E-book can create a stream of “passive income”. Passive income means that “you get paid” over and over again for something you did one time!

That’s why people get so excited about writing their own Ebooks… you write it once and get paid over and over every time someone buys your book!

Once your E-book is finished, you can make it available for download and market it to the
world via the Internet.

The biggest E-bookstore is Amazon’s Kindle store: http://kdp.amazon.com

You can submit your E-book there for free, set a selling price, and when people buy your book, you will get a commission.

This is the easiest way to reach a HUGE audience, and Amazon takes care of the promotion for you.

Be sure to get your E-book listed on Amazon. It’s the biggest bookstore online, and your book
belongs there.
TIP: To find out how to make your book available on Amazon, download my free report: “How to Publish Your Book on Amazon’s Kindle Store”. You can get it from here:

Besides submitting your book to Amazon, you should also add it to Nook, iTunes and Kobo.

You can do this simply via an E-book distribution service like Draft2Digital.com

If you are going to sell the E-book by yourself, from your own website or blog, you will need to invest some decent time in marketing your book.

You can also let other people help you promote and sell your E-book, by setting up an affiliate -or reseller- program. I’ll tell you how to do this later.

Regards, Coyalita

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