IM Business Models Chapter 2: Affiliate Marketing

IM Business Models Chapter 2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is remarkably interesting as it is like the last business model, we looked at but with one key difference: you do not need a product. (“the opinion works -1”)

So, if you thought that creating a digital product was minimal risk, this is even lower risk. (“the opinion works -1”)

How is this possible? Simple: you are selling someone else’s product. Your profits then will come instead from the commission made on that product, which is much higher on the web than it is for door-to-door salespeople. To put things in perspective, you can sometimes make as much as 100% commission on a digital product. That means you earn more than the product creator!

So how does this work? Why would they be interested in offering you more money than themselves? As we discussed, a digital product has no COGS which means it offers 100% profit.

A product creator can sell as many copies of their product as they like and then get affiliates to sell more of their product on top of that. They might not get 100% of your sales, but those are still additional sales generating additional profits on top of what they already earned.

And the more commission they offer to you, the more people will take on their product and start promoting it. This means they can end up with a legion of people selling their products while they reap the benefits! (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”)

From your perspective though it makes perfect sense too. Not only do you get to sell a product without having to invest any time or money in creation – but you are also able to choose a tried and tested seller. In other words, you can pick something that you can already see is selling well! (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”)

And there is no limit to your earnings here either: if you want more money, you simply find a more expensive product. (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”) Or you end up taking on 2 or 10 affiliate products and earning from all of them!

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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

So how does this work?

To begin with, you need to find the product that you want to sell. The easiest way to do this is through an affiliate network such as JVZoo (, Commission Junction (, ClicBank (, WSOPro ( or others.

Here, you will then be able to find a massive list of affiliate products along with the amount they have sold, the commission they are offering and their price. (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”) You then find something that appeals to you and that fits your niche, and you apply for an ‘affiliate link.’ (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”)

That link is a special URL that directs people to the page where they can buy the product while also storing a cookie on their computer to show that you sent them. If they click your link and then buy the product within a certain period, it is logged as your sale and you get the money. (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”) Very straightforward!

The Click Bank Marketplace

Your job then is to simply promote that affiliate link, which you can do in several ways. (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”) You might for instance decide to simply set up an advertising campaign using Facebook Ads or AdWords. If you are paying less for the advertising than you are earning from the sales, then this will be an effective method. (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”)

Another option is to use your own channels. If you create a large email list, then you can send your affiliate link around those subscribers after you have built their trust. (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”) Or if you have a blog, you can promote the link that way. You can even promote the links via social media or using ‘real world’ posters and flyers. (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”) Or how about a YouTube channel?

Either way, this is a remarkably simple and straightforward business model that lets you earn big cash without having to invest anything or take any risks yourself. (“A New Wave in Affiliate Marketing”) There are some very well-known figures in the affiliate marketing industry which include the likes of John Chow ( who is now famous online and regularly attends talks and interviews.

Other big names include Mark Link and Rae Hoffman. All these people now live incredible lifestyles enjoying passive income while they travel the world or spend more time with their families. (“Basis Of Affiliate Marketing”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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