IM Business Models Chapter 6: Drop Shipping

IM Business Models Chapter 6: Drop Shipping

That last business model, involving becoming a reseller on eBay, is something that will appeal to a lot of people. This is a business model that is simple and easy, it makes sense, and it involves selling tangible, real products. (“Page 3 of 9 – Clickit4Profit”)

The only downsides of that method are that you need to make that initial investment in your first order, and you need to both store and deliver all your items. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”) If you are not a fan of wrapping parcels, then this can get incredibly old, extremely fast.

But what if I told you there was another option out there that allowed you to skip over all the boring bits while still doing the same thing? (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

Well, that business model exists, and it is called ‘drop shipping.’ Here, you are acting as something between a reseller and an affiliate, and you are cutting out the go-between – in this case eBay.

So, what drop shipping involves is selling products on behalf of a wholesale supplier. You promote the product just as you normally would and then you process the payment. Then, all you do is to pass the shipping details on to the supplier and pay them their share. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

In many ways, drop shipping is the perfect business model. You get to sell real products that appeal to a massive range of potential customers and at the same time, you do not have to worry about fulfillment or inventory. Better yet, most of your customers never need to know that you are drop shipping. ‘Private label shipping’ means that you get to ship the product from the wholesaler with your branding and return address on the packaging! (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

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