IM Business Models Creating Your Landing/Sales Page

IM Business Models Creating Your Landing/Sales Page

One of the most important tools when it comes to affiliate marketing is to create a landing page. This is a single page, also known as a ‘sales page,’ that is entirely dedicated to selling your one product. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”)

A sales page will look different from the other pages on a website because it has no links to other parts of the site, no adverts, and no distracting images. In other words, everything on the page is there to serve the one objective of selling copies of your information product or whatever else it is that you are selling. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”)

Often these pages are long and narrow, and they contain a lot of text and a lot of ‘buy now’ buttons. Those buy now buttons are your ‘call to action’ buttons and of course they contain the affiliate link you just acquired. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”)

The real magic of the landing page is the text. All the copy here is going to be aimed at persuading people to buy the product and this is where you are really going to earn your wage. Your objective is to be as persuasive as possible while not misrepresenting what you must sell. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”)

The way to do this is to remember that ‘value proposition.’ That means focusing on what the product does for people. How will their lives be better after they have used it? They will be a success with the other sex, or they will be much richer and happier. Your job is to get them to imagine that possibility and to really desire it.

At the same time, you point out their current failings in their situation and why their previous attempts to improve their lot in life may have failed. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”) In other words, you present a problem and then provide the solution – that solution being the eBook you are selling or the online course.

An easy and fast way to create a sales page is by using Optimize Press ( which is a theme for WordPress.

Once you have this landing page, you will then be well equipped to market your product very easily. For instance, if you pay for advertising then all you need to do is ensure those ads are sending the right kind of traffic to your sales page! Likewise, you can hand out flyers with the URL of your sales page, or you can mention it in social media posts. (“How to Create Your First Information Product”) If you have written your sales script well then you can expect many people who stumble on that page to end up converting – becoming paying customers! (“How to Create Your First Information Product”)

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